Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bracelet,Shopping and Marriage Anniversary

My mom had charted the course of the entire day even before the day broke out- after all she was supposed to collect her gold bracelet which she had ordered last week.Besides, it was marriage anniversary day for my Ashu chacha (uncle) and Shikha chachee (aunt). Every one wished them over phone barring my forgetful father- he would forget the date. He would come to know only late in the evening and by that time my chacha was already off to Colombo. Anyways, he would order pizzas for my chachee and Rudra bhai to celebrate in his own way at out Gurgaon home.

Back home in Dehradun, my day would begin and proceed as usual- smile, bath, date with sun and sleep until at around 1 pm. At 2, my dada, dadee, mom and I would leave for market with driver uncle on wheels. I wore my new white sweater that my father got me last week. First we headed to the jewellery shop to collect my mom's bracelet. She would not wait and would wear it as soon it was delivered- it looked great on her wrists. My mom was visibly elated with know in her exciting and joyful moments, my mom can even give me or any other kid a run for our money- becomes another kid.

That bracelet seemed to have ignited my mom's shopping ideas and she went berserk right after wearing that- would buy lot of stuff for our Dehradun chairs, dinner set, flask etc etc. I was looking at my mom and wondering when would her shopping sojourn come to halt. It didn't until she burnt a Rs 20,000 shopping hole in her pocket- that too because my dada, dadee and and my mom were tired of walking. I was tired and hungry too and they got their excuse in mine. So, we would head back home; my mother would feed me as soon we reach home. You know my mom is trying to make me adjust to top feed in addition to hers; experiments began last night only. But that experiment has been stopped for now as my body mechanism is not yet ready to accept top feed- I would throw up as soon as I take that. I am happy that that experiment has been postponed by at least 15 days for now. I would not have to alter my taste buds.....

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