Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love Abounds

.........everywhere; in that look into my eyes, in the soft touch that reaches out to me, in the words that creates a symphony in my ears, in your visits and your comments. It is everywhere; it is profound and universal.......

Finding my own reasons to smile or cry; I celebrate and rejoice my every moment. When I smile I treasure it and when I cry I shed the burden. All good memories and no baggage mean I have something to look forward to every other day. So, I rise and wake up with a smile, learn a new thing that life has to offer, enjoy it to live it and go to bed with a smile. .......Life is beautiful and simple!

My mantra to enjoy my life- “live life in present moments; treasure all fond memories; don’t burden self with a baggage-shed it then and there. Live life to the fullest and don't complicate it as life is indeed beautiful and simple”.

Everyone can do that- just go back to your childhood days....

Comeon! you have been there and done that!

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