Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mumma School Jaana Hai

My Rudra bhai has already started going to school- Mother's Pride- since, his school starts early, I don't get to see him during most of the mornings barring weekends. However, that doesn't stop me from asking about Jeenu as soon as I wake up.......... followed by an every day statement in a complaining tone (which sometimes changes and ends with a question mark)-"mumma school jaana hai" meaning mumma I want to go to school as well..........

With my Rudra bhai starting his school, my normal day has been divided into two parts- frst part starts with the time when I wake up and ends as soon as I spot my Rudra bhai climbing up the stairs........while second part starts as soon as he gets in........15 minutes prior to his scheduled time of arrival, my activity level goes up considerably- with me running several times between the gallery and back to my mom working in front of her computer- my one liners, however remains same "mumma Jeenu aaney waala hai" meaning mumma Jeenu is about to reach home........And, as soon as I spot him, it changes to "Mumma Jeenu aa gaya" meaning mumma, Jeenu has come at the top of my voice.........We, then make him sit around the table with me and my chachee quizzing him about the happenings in the school.........My father was home to record one such "after school" quizzing session........As my Jeenu bhai had complained about his mam (perhaps cab attendant) eating his biscuits the previous day, so first thing I was did was to check his tiffin box and you must see and hear my reaction- again at the top of my voice and in a complaining tone........

All these quizzing sessions and other school related objects and incidents are good enough to keep fueling my desire to go to school- a desire that gets manifested in many cute moments........One such incident was captured beautifully one evening in a picture when a thought came to my mind from nowhere- "mitthi ko school jaana hai" meaning mitthi wants to go to school. Left with no option, my mom strapped my Rudra bhai's old school bag on my back.........And, my Rudra bhai couldnt stop himself from following my line........ Well today is our country's Independence day and I need to end this post as I have to go to rooftop for a kite flying session with one bhaiya- our maid's son- who agreed to visit our house for this- so kind of him.....Thank you bhaiya and Happy Independence Day!

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