Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacationing In Dehradun

We are in Dehradun for our vacation after my mom decided to avail her quota of annual leaves. Although, we have plans to go and visit Renuka lake, but for me Doon itself is a vacation thing. It is bright and sunny here with no need for watchful eyes following my movements. I am always on my own running around the house, or plucking flowers from the garden, throwing stones and mud into our pool or simply watching Shankar bhaiya (our gardener) work in the kitchen garden.....and giving me company is Basu (our tenant's daughter)- she diligently follows me, courtesy my aggression and strong teeth........together, we both are a formidable combination.

You know my daily routine too has undergone some changes with 'early to bed and early rise' phrase becoming a reality. Actually, Gurgaon is bland and boring place and there is a lot to look forward to In Dehradun after I leave my bed.

We are shortly leaving for Renuka lake and will be back tomorrow. My papa is posting from his phone, hence pics will have to wait.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Did My Papa Stop Writing?

Why Did My Papa Stop Writing?- is a question to which I have no definitive answers. But that doesn't mean I should not try and find one and undo the wrong.

So what could be the possible reasons.......If he was too busy- Naaaahhhhh despite his frequent travels- or he lost interest in writing- again, I don't think so- or he was not at his cheerful best to be able to write- possibly so, or not at his feeling best- again a real possibility.....Whatever it was, fact remains that blame for not writing/irregular posting for many weeks and months lies squarely on him.

So many posts died inside the cobweb, that his head has become following his act of quitting his job to follow his passion. Issues, unfound answers to competing questions, commercial exigencies and constraints and lack of time has not only taken its toll on his ability to concentrate his mind but health as well; so much so that a daily ritual that used to bring him joy and happiness stopped doing so and the urge to write was not at all forthcoming- not anymore- as he set about writing this post on his own.

He got up at 5 in the morning after going to bed with contours of a possible post in his mind- much like past two years. Perhaps his decision to pick up 'reading- few days back- spurred him on; actually it did after he picked up his long forgotten book- “The Difficulty of Being Good: On the Subtle Art of Dharma.” It became too apparent to him that he need to live up to his "Dharma" and "Karma" towards me, of which maintaining and treasuring memories is an all important part.

On my part, despite my current over-dependence on my papa to log these posts, I too will ensure that it (my over-dependence) doesn't result in closing down of this blog. And then, I would long for the day when I will take this over from my papa and start maintaining it in my own words; until then, he has promised to keep it going for me. I am confident of him living upto his promise, especially because both my parents also see this blog as a real tribute to my birth and development. And, believe it or not, my papa also feels indebted to me (no no I mean this blog) as it has catapulted and inspired him to follow his passion.

So, what all he missed posting since writing his last post, here is the list

~ My birthday celebrations in Dehradun as I completed 2 years on 3rd November.
~ My Rudra bhai's injury to the middle finger of his left hand after it got crushed between the doors.......He had to undergo emergency plastic surgery on his hand......
~ Our visit to Dehradun for my birthday and Deepawali celebrations.
~ My daredevil act of playing with fire-crackers when my Rudra bhai refused to do so.

I am sure, he is going to write about them in his next post.

It feels good to complete 2 years, you know! It actually does!




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