Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacationing In Dehradun

We are in Dehradun for our vacation after my mom decided to avail her quota of annual leaves. Although, we have plans to go and visit Renuka lake, but for me Doon itself is a vacation thing. It is bright and sunny here with no need for watchful eyes following my movements. I am always on my own running around the house, or plucking flowers from the garden, throwing stones and mud into our pool or simply watching Shankar bhaiya (our gardener) work in the kitchen garden.....and giving me company is Basu (our tenant's daughter)- she diligently follows me, courtesy my aggression and strong teeth........together, we both are a formidable combination.

You know my daily routine too has undergone some changes with 'early to bed and early rise' phrase becoming a reality. Actually, Gurgaon is bland and boring place and there is a lot to look forward to In Dehradun after I leave my bed.

We are shortly leaving for Renuka lake and will be back tomorrow. My papa is posting from his phone, hence pics will have to wait.

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