Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Phone Conversations!

I love to talk on phone especially with my dada and dadee; here are excerpts of some of our conversations:

Me: Daaaadeeeeeee!
Dadee: Prishuu, kaisey ho (how are you?)
Me: Theek! Theek hooooo?? (I am fine, how are you?-both hands folded and lips on the phone screen (that's my way of saying hello to them over phone- always starts with a kiss)....
Dadee: Kuch khaya (have you eaten something?
Me: Aaaaann ( yes)
Dadee: Papa- mummy theek hain (How are your mom and dad?)
Me: Theek......(we were in the moving car)
Dadee: Car kaun chala raha hai (Who is driving)
Me: Aalooot (Alok is driving)
Me: Daadaaaajeee (meaning want to talk to Dadajee)
Dadajee: Prishuuuuuu kaisey ho
Me: (Repeating my folded hands and kiss routine)...theek...aap theek?
Me: Doon.....Lion.....meaning I want to go to Dehradun and see the Lion (there is a painting of a Lion and a cub that I have developed a liking for during my recent visit)
Me: Aalooot doon jaana...(Alok take me to Dehradun)...

And the conversation is stuck at my insistence of being taken to Dehradun!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Latest Dehradun Trip

I was in Dehradun (or “Doon” as that’s how I call it) making good old blogger to wait for this post……came back yesterday morning only after a quick-fire visit to Doon after leaving Gurgaon on the evening of Saturday. Actually, my papa was supposed to leave in the morning but he didn’t because of a head-ache. We decided to accompany him only after he failed to postpone his meetings by a week- mom didn’t want him to travel alone late hours.

We reached Cheetal Grand around 8 pm; in fact we were the last ones to leave the Hotel allowing my papa to do what he is good at- build a rapport with strangers…..and, this time it was none other than the hotel owner himself; common Uttarakhand roots helped.

While my papa was busy chatting up with the Hotel owner, I decided to take a tour of the place……saw various species of birds, fishes and also posed for a photo atop an antique Triumph……here are few photographs….

We left Cheetal Grand after spending close to an hour at the place……. reached Dehradun at around 12.30 in the night. My waiting dada and dadee embraced me as soon as we reached our home……..Seven hours of travelling wasn’t enough to tire me and I began inspecting all the rooms…….running from one room to other. My dada and dadee felt that I have grown in height. They felt happy to see me after more than a month….....My tired papa went to sleep soon afterwards; however I had completely different plans…….and kept everyone else awake till 4 am, playing with them…..

Next morning started bit earlier than usual; and I continued from where I had left in the night or early morning, so to speak…….Now was the time to inspect outdoors; so took a tour of the entire lawn, vegetable garden and the perimeter wall…………but what attracted me most was the kid pool that my dada and dadee got constructed for us……….My dada found it difficult to rein in my natural instincts to get inside the water but per my mom’s advice he didn’t let me get in as water was very cold- my mom has still not started giving me cold water baths….crazy moms, you know!

I must say that the pools looks great for us……I kept going towards it at regular intervals and my papa didn’t forget to get his camera work this time…….here are some pictures….

You know that beauty of being in Dehradun is that you can actually feel the time walk with you at your own pace unlike Delhi- it keeps running ahead of you in Delhi, you know……….We were so engrossed with our time that by the time we realized, day was all over…………Even our earlier plan to go and watch circus had to be shelved as the tickets were available only for a 9pm show……. As we had to leave for Delhi next morning at 4; my papa promised to bring me to Dehradun again for that circus show……We went to bed little earlier than usual and left for Gurgaon at 4 am as planned…….to join that mad Delhi race again!

Let me end this post with a picture that sums up my Dehradun trip best- me laughing out loud....

Have you noticed my tummy?


Friday, April 23, 2010

Youngest Rickshaw Puller

Youngest Rickshaw Puller????? Yes, that's me!

A rickshaw, that my parents had bought from an antique shop four years ago is no longer safe in the show case; it is being put to use by me effectively on the bed and ground.....A big votary of "Activity based learning", that my father is, extremely happy to see this development......Here are few pictures of my latest rick ride.....

My love for rickshaws has fuelled interest in all moving vehicles......I can now identify cars, buses, trucks, tanker, tractor, cycle and scooter plying on the road....infact I have also started identifying cars by their make/ whenever I see a Maruti Swift, my finger goes up in the direction of that Swift car........with an exclamatory "Aaaaalooooot".........meaning that's the same car that my father drives!

Thank you Rickshaw for fuelling that interest in vehicles!

My papa got a taste of my liking few days back when I refused to be taken in a car......It was then, my mom decided to rent a rickshaw to ferry me back home; papa had no choice but to drive back home, lonely so.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If I wear something new and I know that I am looking good in that, you should see my attitude........I wear it in every it the way I stand or I smile.....see this picture.....all three photos were separately clicked and my mom combined them into one using good old papa feels middle one is by far the best! You decide.....
Don't they tell you something about my attitude and finessee!!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh This Heat!

Delhi is reeling under a severe heat wave and erratic electricity supply is not helping the cause either......three time baths are in and so are eating sessions without any clothes.......I am drinking lots of water, so everytime I see fridge, I ask for taa-nee (meaning water).....Mom has also bought me some new summer outfits......but fact of the matter is that Iam not at all enjoying this summer heat.....One thing I forgot to tell you is that raging heat has caused some infection in my eyes- doctor says it is Conjectivitis.....and it is all because of heat!

At times, you feel as if you are inside a hot furnace! Climate change is playing a havoc on everyone, including kids!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Diapers- Leave Me Alone!

"Diapers- Leave Me Alone"- I didn't have to raise this slogan as my unsaid request was promptly heard and addressed by my mom one afternoon. After keeping up with them for more than 17 months, my diapers were fast becoming a discomforting thing for me- I used to wear 4-5 during the course of the day. So, one afternoon, I gestured towards my mom requesting her to remove my diaper......After some initial reluctance, she gave it up and off went the diaper.....By late evening, mom realised that I don't need them anymore during the day time.....After a gap of few days, she tried a diaper free night sleep on me and that too worked to her surprise........So, now I am a diaper-free baby albeit with some precautionary exceptions as & when we go out.....

Sales Managers of Kimberly Clarke or Pigeon Corporation have no reason to rejoice in this news but my papa has.......he is richer by few thousand rupees a month.

My mom too is happy with the other outcome- I don't need any potty I have trained and perfected that my art on my own.....And, I am loving it!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Have Got Books

My mom bought me few books last week that has pictures of vehicles, fruits, animals and vegetables.......I have already mastered one that has pictures of animals and vehicles while the other two are still under consideration.......

You know buying those books have led to a strange problem for my parents as whenever I see a Hippo or Zebra, I ask for one...reason????? I wanna ride them......

Since they can't get a Zebra or a Hippo; they now have plans of sending those books in hiding....strange people as first they buy books and then they plan on hiding them!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Words That Are Part Of....... lingo-
Dada, Dadee, Papa, Mumma, Nanee, Nana, Mama, Chacha, Chachee, Jeenu, Didi, Eyiee-kream (Ice-cream), Doggie (Dog), Horsie (Horse), Katt (Cat), Chimpzee (Chimpanzee), Nion (Lion), Hippo, Auto, Tuck (Truck), Bus, Balloon, Plane (Aero plane), Fitch (Fish), Watch, Aappul (Apple), Aappu-Aappu (I will do it myself), Rudru (Rudra), Chutku, Shikha, Aaa-lote (Alok), Poon (Spoon), Taa-nee (Water), Cartoon (for my water bottle as it has a cartoon), Geela Kapdaa (Give me a cloth to wipe off the surface), Jaa-na (I want to go out), Bna-naaa (banana), Office, Cream (for moisturizer that I apply every-time I see an injury on anyone), Bank (for Piggy bank), Chhi-chee (for pig), Ickshaw (for Rickshaw), Car, Tank, Nahayee-nahayee (asking for a bath), garbage, dust-bin, book, mirchee (when I eat something hot), wallet, bag, phone, photo, dorey-mon (cartoon character), jeans, rolling-pin (for belan), hand-wash (I want to wash my hands), chayee-kal (cycle), music (for songs that my cycle plays), baitho (meaning-sit here next to me), jaa-oo (go there), aa-oo ( come here), cow, fidge (fridge), TV, shoes, slippers, sandals, cup, stick (for hockey stick), ball, doll, nika-lo (for taking something out), ye taa hai (meaning what is this), ant, lizard, phant (for elephant), ooo-yee (for injury), baal (hairs) and few others that I can’t think of…..


Friday, April 9, 2010


I don't want you to scratch your head to figure out the meaning of the title of today's post.....It is nothing but my version of good old "icecream" that you seniors eat.....I got to taste it for the first time yesterday.....and boy..... what an experience it was!

Initially, I wasn't sure as to what am I supposed to do with first reaction was that it's a toy that you got to hold in your hand and walk/run. Clueless & curious me was staring at it while holding it tight in my right hand, when my mom told me to use my tongue and lips to taste it instead.....Picky person that I am about things that I eat, wasn't sure about it....but then did it hesitatingly.......developed an instant liking for it and rest you can see via following pictures.......

I love eiyeekrim!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Will You..... when you are a 1 year 5 months old inside a moving car with mom and dad arguing over something? Well I don't know about you but what I thought best to do in that situation was to turn on the car music system (it was off), increase the volume and let the FM channel do the rest....... it took no time for them to end the argument and enjoy what their daughter did!

While my papa was busy lending his words to this post of mine, I was sleeping. My Rudra bhai entered inside to check on whether I am awake or not. He found me lying on bed with stomach uncovered as my tee shirt had moved up........He came up to me and pulling my tee shirt down, he said-" Behan apna mota pet dhako" meaning sister cover your fat tummy...... his touch was enough to wake me up which brought smile to his face and that of mine as well........As soon as i got down from my bed, smilingly so.........he further ordered- "behan chappal pehno" meaning sister wear your shoes.....and the fun began........we began playing with tanker/truck toys......It was then I noticed our prayer area and, with my folded hands touching my forehead and eyes closed, I said "jaiiiii"- my way of saying prayers.......My Rudra bhai too joined in.....and with his folded hands touching his forehead; he said ....."bhagwanjee meri behan to theek rakhna" meaning Lord, please take care of my sister.....

My watching father couldn't believe his eyes and ears!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yesterday I Went..... my papa's old office, MPS Tech as he wanted to meet his friends there....As soon as he entered inside, he took me into the cabins of his waiting friends telling me to say hello to them..... He also showed me his cabin where he used to sit....I was visibly happy and did lot of running around......pushed chairs.....turned switches on and off and made faces to watching Satya uncle........I also made it a point to use their rest-room and left my diaper there as a momento.....For my papa, going to MPS offices is always a homecoming of sorts.....that was the office he had joined when he was about to tie the knot with my mother- April 4th was his joining date and May 5th was their marriage.....It was really nice to go back to a place which my papa feels as his own even after leaving it 2 years ago.

Well this visit to his old office was planned as part of my evening car rides.....I was insistent on being taken out in car and that's when he decided to take us know when inside a car, I always demand that steering be handed over in my hands.....I love moving it with my both hands imitating my Ashu chacha who introduced me to this feels that my hands have lot of power as he had to push little harder to break my grip from his steering.....and you know what surprises them most is my direction when they say left, I move it towards left and likewise with right side; ofcourse they don't let me do that in a moving car.....Another notable feature of my car-rides is my ability to identity the type of vehicles that pass by us......i can identify car, bus, truck, auto with complete perfetion but one that brings ear to ear smile on my face is always a "rickshaw" got to see my smile to believe it as soon as I spot a rickshaw....... "Ickshaw" with finger pointing in its direction....... My love for rickshaw goes beyond sighting them as I love rickshaw rides .....and always prefer it over car; no wonder my mom uses my preference effectively every morning to make me get down from car just as my papa gets ready to leave for his office....... Another feature of my car-rides is that I always demand to be breast fed if its dark outside...... and my papa knows the trick to dissuade me from doing so midway through the feeding session- all he has to do is to say, "look look...there is something outside" find me up next moment just to be able to see outside.......he never fails to manufactures a story to support his move......

Enough of my car rides and now let me tell you something that I did when I saw my father enter inside after his latest Dehradun visit. With a big smile on my face, I exclaimed in excitement-"aaaalllloooooottt aaaaa gayaaaa" meaning Alok has come and started running all over the house.....he had to run behind me to pick me up....I was giggling with excitement......few hugs and pecks later, I took him inside into the bedroom to show him my new possession- my new shades.......Using hand gestures, I prodded him into sitting besides show my books and new dresses........As he was running late for work, he stood up for a quick bath.....and I was not at all ready for that rudeness......cried so hard that he was left with no option but shelve his immediate plans........played with me for next thirty minutes......sought my permission; which wasn't hard to come by now as I was happy.....My wait for car ride began as soon as I saw papa pack his laptop.......Standing on the door, I waited for him......was the first one to step out followed by my Rudra bhai and came in round of park and I let him head to office, happily so!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Blog Clock Is Off

My blog clock seems to have gone for the toss again as my father is busy setting up his business. As he doesn’t have the luxury of adding extra hours to his fixed quota of allotted hours to a day, everyone and everything is struggling with him for extracting their share from his 24 hours pie. However initial time demands of setting up a new business along with a current job means that it is the business that gets priority over everything else, including me and my blog. My blog posting has been erratic and so is the time that he spends with me. So much so that I had to cut my current monthly birthday cake in his absence- I completed 17 months yesterday.

The current paucity of time from my father has not deterred me from growing and adding new words/activities/habits to my ever growing repertoire of the same on daily basis…….most recent has been the way I have made up for his absence by talking to him over phone and calling him by his name- “Aaaaa-looooke…….caaar……horsie” meaning “Alok take me in your car to Leisure valley for a horse ride”……………… and he has promised to take me there on Monday. In addition to this, I have also started coming down heavily on my Rudra bhai matching him and bettering him at using my hands……most of them land on his face…..and he has few scratches over his face as a testimony of my prowess.

Well, I also want to tell you about April fool’s day celebration in our house- my Shikha chachee’s birthday- I am sure that must be her way of making fool of her parents when they might have been expecting a son…….else she could have landed few hours later for a 2nd April birth. Coming back to her birthday celebrations, she took her out for a dinner to Ikay’s at DLF Mega mall……the best thing about that restaurant is that almost everyone knows us- so entire restaurant becomes an open field for me and my Rudra bhai to do all the running……and they station one service boy with us; always. As usual my father arrived late and by that time I was already asking for “nin-neeee” meaning I want to sleep. But, my apologetic father ensured that I remained awake until dinner was served……. I didn’t get to eat the cake as I was already fast asleep by then.




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