Friday, April 16, 2010

Diapers- Leave Me Alone!

"Diapers- Leave Me Alone"- I didn't have to raise this slogan as my unsaid request was promptly heard and addressed by my mom one afternoon. After keeping up with them for more than 17 months, my diapers were fast becoming a discomforting thing for me- I used to wear 4-5 during the course of the day. So, one afternoon, I gestured towards my mom requesting her to remove my diaper......After some initial reluctance, she gave it up and off went the diaper.....By late evening, mom realised that I don't need them anymore during the day time.....After a gap of few days, she tried a diaper free night sleep on me and that too worked to her surprise........So, now I am a diaper-free baby albeit with some precautionary exceptions as & when we go out.....

Sales Managers of Kimberly Clarke or Pigeon Corporation have no reason to rejoice in this news but my papa has.......he is richer by few thousand rupees a month.

My mom too is happy with the other outcome- I don't need any potty I have trained and perfected that my art on my own.....And, I am loving it!

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