Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bracelet,Shopping and Marriage Anniversary

My mom had charted the course of the entire day even before the day broke out- after all she was supposed to collect her gold bracelet which she had ordered last week.Besides, it was marriage anniversary day for my Ashu chacha (uncle) and Shikha chachee (aunt). Every one wished them over phone barring my forgetful father- he would forget the date. He would come to know only late in the evening and by that time my chacha was already off to Colombo. Anyways, he would order pizzas for my chachee and Rudra bhai to celebrate in his own way at out Gurgaon home.

Back home in Dehradun, my day would begin and proceed as usual- smile, bath, date with sun and sleep until at around 1 pm. At 2, my dada, dadee, mom and I would leave for market with driver uncle on wheels. I wore my new white sweater that my father got me last week. First we headed to the jewellery shop to collect my mom's bracelet. She would not wait and would wear it as soon it was delivered- it looked great on her wrists. My mom was visibly elated with know in her exciting and joyful moments, my mom can even give me or any other kid a run for our money- becomes another kid.

That bracelet seemed to have ignited my mom's shopping ideas and she went berserk right after wearing that- would buy lot of stuff for our Dehradun chairs, dinner set, flask etc etc. I was looking at my mom and wondering when would her shopping sojourn come to halt. It didn't until she burnt a Rs 20,000 shopping hole in her pocket- that too because my dada, dadee and and my mom were tired of walking. I was tired and hungry too and they got their excuse in mine. So, we would head back home; my mother would feed me as soon we reach home. You know my mom is trying to make me adjust to top feed in addition to hers; experiments began last night only. But that experiment has been stopped for now as my body mechanism is not yet ready to accept top feed- I would throw up as soon as I take that. I am happy that that experiment has been postponed by at least 15 days for now. I would not have to alter my taste buds.....


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures From Cafe Coffee Day

Huhh! Nice Cafe!
What are they ordering?
Where is fan?
Oops! I was about to fell..
I too want to drink coffee?


Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Fulfiled Promise

I am happy that my dad kept his promise of yesterday. This not only saved me from loosing my temper but would also make me go to sleep; fully satisfied and contended.

My day began as usual- with a smile on my face with my mom and dad by my side. Today, my papa didn't spend his usual 1 hour on newspaper- in fact he didn't read it at all; quite surprising as newspaper is part of his staple diet for last 28-29 years..

After my sponge bath in the morning, my papa and mom took me to the doctor to enquire about my nasal congestion. We couldn't meet our doctor as she was busy elsewhere, but then I was given steam to help take care of that problem. I didn't cry at all while steam was given to me.

My dad then took both of us to Pizza Hut...... I liked the ambiance of the restaurant... and was seen mom ordered Veg Surprise Pizza. As soon as pizza was ordered, I started crying........Reason? As I was hungry too and I knew that my mom wouldn't share it with me..she loves them.... She tried to feed but it was not at all comfortable there so I wouldn't take it..My papa and mom would then take their turns to eat their share, while other one would carry me in their arms to desist me from crying.....Mom paid the bill and we headed back home.....

Once we reached home, my mom gave me feed and papa would shoot some videos afterwards...soon I was off to sleep.

After I woke up, my papa would make me lie near him while he was busy writing his daily post on his blog...My eye pupils were focused on him and would not move a bit....I would pass him a smile as and when he would look at me.....Time for another feed and soon I would go back to my sleep......satisfied and contended...

My dad kept his promise of yesterday... Thank you as I felt your presence with me throughout the day. I know you will go back to Delhi tomorrow but then I also know that you love me a lot.... needless to say that I do that as well....


Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Busy Dad

The excitement that I was carrying since yesterday night over my father’s arrival would fizzle out by the end of Saturday. He seemed to have no time to spend with me.

First he woke up late at aound 930 am. After playing with me for half an hour, he spent whole one hour reading newspaper. Next one hour was all gone in attending to daily chores. Soon his friend called up for some work and he left our home for his place at around 2 pm to come back late at around 9pm. This would really infuriate me and I would cry a lot. My dadi pulled up my dad for his lackadaisical attitude and that was enough to make me smile..... mom too was angry at dad....his only escape route was to appologise to all of us; which he did....things soon began to look normal for me.

My dad then held me in his lap and promised me that he will spend more time with me tomorrow...Dad! I know you will....I love you dad.... but then do remember that I have inculcated in me your one trait whole and complete- your short temper......Look forward to not loosing my temper tomorrow...


My Dad Is Here

You know my dad is here so today I have nothing much to write. I am meeting him after two weeks. I heard him telling my mom and dadee that my complexion has changed and so has my looks.....I hope it is for the better though....

I am sleepy and therefore want to sleep now with my dad lying by my side...


Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Indifferent Day

22nd Jan was very indifferent to me- I was bit irritable and was not in my elements for most part of the day. Perhaps it had something to do with the weather or the email directive of my mom's boss telling her to join office once her maternity leaves are over on Feb 3rd, 2009 citing some HR formalities- my dad read that email for mom over phone. Slowly and steadily I am getting the inkling of what is in store for me........ However Mom is sure about one thing- to extend her leaves by at least 20-30 days.....even if it means to join office for one day in between...Looking back at the day, I can safely conclude that telepathy and connection works very strongly.....

Before I conclude, I must mention Soli whose fight is on..... The dilemma and contradiction has been captured by my father in his post titled "Soli- A Hope in Contradiction" on his blog

Here are the excerpts of that post-
"-“Hope and despair”, “happiness and sadness”, “celebration and fight” et al are not mere words but powerful voice tools lent to human beings by the Almighty God to help them describe their emotions of that particular point in time. The contradictory nature of these voice tools is what creates the distinction in the lives of those very human beings. The list of tools is endless and so is the contradiction in the emotions that occupies, both the mind-space and the mindscape of every human being- every passing moment does nothing but only fuel those contradictions either by adding on to the list or by flipping the of life continues...."

"No wonder Dani was found wanting for words on wordless Wednesday.....You can follow Soli’s progress on while Reveda is"


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First Shopping Experience

Wednesday morning of 21st January in Dehradun (Doon) was pretty cool but as the day progressed, sun was out in full blaze over the clear blue skies of Doon; the cool breeze blowing in from the Mussoorie hills was enough to soothe the impact of the hot sun- the weather was simply awesome and amazing... that is why hillstations or cities situted in a valley are so enjoyable....

My day though began as usual- with a big smile on my face. Soon it was time for my daily massage followed by my bath. My mom tried to put me on to sleep right afterwards, but I couldn't sleep at all. The persistent noise of hammers and other tools used by the carpenter working inside our house was too distracting. My mom was quick to find the solution and took me out in the lawns. In no time would I find myself resting in the soft arms of my best companion- my sleep; January sun and the flowery surroundings helped me in their own ways. After 2 hours, I requested my companion to let me go and seek my mom’s arms again; who incidentally was busy making her shopping plans. My timely request would eventually help my mom execute her plans for the day. Around 2 pm, I found myself in my dadee’s arms forming the same quartet as one during our Cafe Coffee Day visit of 19th January; driver uncle was on the wheels again- he drives with an extra care whenever I am one of the travellers. We headed towards Dehradun’s main market- Paltan Bazaar. As existing traffic rules do not permit anyone to drive inside the market, we had to park our car outside and walk on our feet. My dadee was holding me; I was adequately dressed to beat the Dehradun chill. Firstly we went to a jewellery shop as my mom wanted to buy a gold bracelet for her. She is not a jewellery freak so she would rather use her old wedding jewellery for the purpose than spending money. Lucky dad- as he doesn’t have to negotiate jewellery obsessed wife. She also bought some quilts, bed linens, terry towels etc for our house. Later, we would drive to Raja Road- Dehradun’s hardware market to buy some glass for the carpenter work currently underway at our house. While on our way back home, my dadee shopped for veggies and fruits and we were home by 6 pm- completely exhausted. I was hungry so mom would feed me and soon I again find myself ensconced in the arms of my best pal- my sleep.


My Father's New Blog

My father started a new blog titled-"Searching For Joy & Happiness In Intertwined Melancholy". The web address for the blog is Do visit this blog and let him know your views to improve it....

Here are excerpts from that blog-

"He was full of life with an ever flashing smile all over his face; his short stature was just a mirage when looked at in the context of his overall personality- he was much taller than what he otherwise looked. His overall demeanour was so comforting that his very presence used to make other person forget the pain he/she was under at that particular point in time. On a personal front, he was no less than an alchemist and could do anything he wanted to be a successful person."

"It was the summers of 92 when I met him through a common acquaintance. We were freshly out of class 12 and were digging the foundation to build our "


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Visit To Cafe Coffee Day

19th Jan, the day when I first stepped inside into a cafe- "CAFE COFFEE DAY" wrapped up in my warm jacket and clinged tightly by my dadee in her special ocasion but then my presence alone made it special. Actually it was mom's idea as she was craving for Capuccino, so she made my dadee and Himmu daadee (my father's aunty) accompany us. We drove to the cafe in our car with driver uncle on the wheels. I was little sleepy when we left our place. But as soon as we entered inside, sleep just vanished and it would remain like that for next 2 and half hours. I was made to sit there, few pics were clicked ( my father will upload them once he sees us this weekend). My roving eyes didn't rest even for a minute- searching and looking here and there and also trying to make sense out of it.. The colourful walls of the cafe were eye catching and perhaps one reason for not letting my eyeballs take some rest. If my mom would have had her own way, she for sure would have put one or two drops into my mouth, but then that is not it was supposed to be; so she didnt. One incident I must mention was- when my mom went up to a service boy and handed him our camera requesting him to click few pictures. For a moment that request left him high and dry as he couldn't understand that "bolt out of the blue" request. In all probabilities he must have thought that the girl (my mom) has gone crazy... my mom quickly sensed it and said- Bhai (used for brother in hindi)-would you please click few pictures of my daughter? and an embarrased smile followed quickly.

While everyone was busy sipping coffee, I was logging in all the happenings inside that cafe in my mind. Just, as when my mom realised that too much indulence would add on to her already bloating body, it was time to go. As soon as we would get inside the car to head back home, I would again start to feel sleepy; besides I was hungry as well; but then the excitement of spending time at cafe was powerful enough to allow me send hunger and sleep into trash for the time being.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

My White Hair

Mom just told me that I have a lone white hair on my head. No wonder I am writing this blog like an elderly person!! One thing I want to share with my readers is my apparent liking for my mittens. I love to suck them which means that I often spit on to my clothes- reason enough to make my mom scold me( not literaly though). But then who cares as these are the only playful activities I can indulge in at this stage. You know my mom tends to take unnecessary tension even on petty issues- mine taking feed in a hurry is always a cause for her anxiety .. but mom that is perfectly normal. You know Chetan uncle and Vaishali aunty told papa that Tanmay is like that too; so no worries on that count anymore...Nothing much that I can write about today as I slept for most part of the day- afterall it was a holiday so I decided to declare one for mine as well..

Soli inched one more day towards her original expected date of delivery. Keep it up Soli...


Soli And Her Fight

Solange Lea aka Soli is a little girl who came into this world on 11th Dec 08 at 11:53pm in US. She weighed a whole 1 lb and 9.3 ozs and was 12.5" long. She is still 64 days away from her expected day of birth and yet at the same time she is 38 days old. Last 38 days have already seen her heart going under the scissors once but her amazing fight is on. She is a fighter to the core and I have no doubts whatsoever left in my mind about her zeal to see through this crisis. A crisis where she has the support of her strong willed parents, an able team of doctors and other health staff and countless prayers from every quarter. My prayers are with her in this hour of need. This is a test of her resolve and that zeal for life and she will come out with flying colours in this test. I am pretty sure about that. Please do pray for Soli. You can follow her progress on


Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Special Visitor

16th January was just like any other normal day in my life but for one visitor- my Poonam auntie. She is my mom's youngest sister and is a 24 year old special child. However those deficiencies have had no bearing on her ability to show emotions and love for me. When I was at my nana's place, she used to sit by my side watching me all the time (just as in this picture clicked by my father while I was at my nana's place) while following everyone's instructions to the "T"; but bonding kept growing. And it was that profound emotional bond and love which made her request my nana and nanee to take her to our house. She had gone for her doctor visit and that is when she made that request- "I want to go and see Bobby's daughter". She proposed and my nana disposed.

While at my place, she was no different then what she used to be at her place. As she wanted to share her excitement with my dad, she made my mom call him up. She would then describe to him her visit in her own words. Due to bad phone connection the conversation didn't last long but her excitement to be with me was clearly visible all over her face. I felt great becoming her vehicle to enable her carry those invisible emotions into a nonchalant world that judges people only on the basis of its own notion of abilities or inabilities; sufficiency or deficiency and so on so forth. But then "emotion"- one of the most powerful tools given to the human race by the Supreme Power –God has an innate power to trash those notions. Only challenge however is that special children don’t get those opportunities that frequently. My Poonam auntie however got one yesterday and she excelled.


Friday, January 16, 2009

A Real Long Day

15th January can easily be labeled as the longest day in my life until the writing of this post. After waking up at 7.30 am in the morning, I just didnt feel like going to sleep all through the day. This was reason enough to cause some worry for my mom and dadee. Creases on their foreheads kept getting longer and longer as the day progressed. However, the fact that I was playful all through the day did help water them down a little towards the second half. And by the time evening came they could notice that I was responding to them every time they would say something. And, as the night began to settle in, boisterous Reveda brought lot of excitement and joy to her mom, dadee and dada. Mom couldn't help but call my dad and would place the phone near my face while my dadee continued talking to me- I was in full mood to oblige them and so began responding to my dadee in my own voice-loud and clear. I am sure that must have made my dad miss me more. My increased level of activity meant that I was left with no option but to go for sound sleep at around 11 pm. I am still fast asleep at the time of writing this post. Poor dad in Gurgaon is waiting for next friday to board the Dehradun train to see the recording of events and moments of my longest day. Until then, phone narratives is his only option to enjoy those moments...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Growing List Of Emotions

With the completion of two months, I am now making daily additions to my small but an ever expanding repertoire of various human emotions. To name a few here are few examples- responding in my own voice to someone talking with me as can be seen in the following videos; or breaking into a big smile whenever fan is switched on, to follow anyone moving around me from the remotest corner of my eyes, sucking my hands and fingers or producing a much shriller cry...... the list continues to grow with every passing day.. Do hear the sound in the videos as you can hear me talking-

Both the videos were shot right after I woke up in the morning and my mother and father can be heard talking to me. What do you think of my voice? Do let me know your comments....


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Mom's Birthday

As mentioned earlier, 12th January is my mom's birthday and believe me she oozes the same level of excitement on her birthday as any other kid would; though it is a different matter that she completed 33 today. Birthday for her is all about new clothes, cakes, phone call greetings; in fact she maintains a log of all the people wishing her on her day. I am sure that I would inculcate all those traits in me also. As of now it was all about celebrating her birthday by observing her. She gave me my bath and would then make me wear my check skirt with white top and matching leggings. She too wore new clothes- a brown long designer woollen top and matching tights. My dada would test his culinary skills by cooking cutlets and other fried snacks while my dadee prepared an eggless cake. My nana too came along in the afternoon with my Soni auntie & Raju uncle visiting her in the evening. They got her a cake. My mother decorated the table with around 34 candles and would then cut both the cakes. I was watching this from the lap of my dadee. It was all about her day.
Watching her celebrate her birthday gives me a clue as to what I can expect on my day.....
Happy Birthday Mom!


Monday, January 12, 2009

My Normal Day

I thought that it will be nice to write as to what constitutes a day for me. It always starts with a diaper change at 3 am in the morning followed by my mom's feed for 10 minutes. Second session of my morning starts at around 8 am; that is when I usually wake up. Before, I could even decide about my next course of action my mom would start to tap my back softly to make me sleep for little more and thus desist me from raising an alarm-cry. But I always defeat her plans and would either cry or smile depending upon my mood on that particular day. Now a days it usually starts with a smile. Either way it means time to gulp mom's feed given that I have both, my right and dependence on that. As soon as my stomach gets filled up, I am left to play on my own and I always oblige by moving my both legs swiftly with hands moving in upward direction. If, by any chance I am not in a playful mood then I use my time sucking my right hand fingers and thumb. My this act has helped me liberate my hands/palms from warm mittens; which used to cover them through the day. After about an hour or so, is the time for my daily olive oil massage, mostly given by my dadee. Since my mom has also learnt it now, so she too pitches in as and when she feel appropriate. As soon as my massage gets over, my dadee gives me my bath; I usually cry a lot at that time. But, normalcy gets restored as soon as I am being dressed; for that I know I now can lay claim on to my mom's feed to help me sleep. Once I am asleep, my mom would put me inside my carrycot out in the Dehradun sun to wake me up in next 3 hours. After diaper change and one more round of mom's feed, I would begin to play on my own. My feeble body would get tired soon and I am again off to sleep to wake up only at around 8 pm. That is when my dada, dadee and mom plays with me. I have now learnt to recognise fan and would smile as and when I am asked to look at the moving fan. One more session of mom's feed would mean that I will retire to bed to begin a new day again next morning at around 3am.

12th Jan is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mummy! More on this later...


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ear Infection

My mother observed that nothing used to be sufficient to stop me from crying during evening/night and this was fast becoming a pattern. Initially, she took this as a normal feature of my development process. However, one morning she found foul smelling discharge emanating from my left ear and this was enough to leave her worried. She, along with my dadee rushed me to Sethi auntie; who upon inspection found that my left ear has developed some fungal infection. Though it was not alarming, but still it needed cure and so she administered me some medicines. She told my mother to come again; which she did on 31st with my dadee and father giving us company. This time, auntie found lot of improvement and told her to continue with my medicines for one more week. Present condition is that the infection is gone and nights are again peaceful. Being a kid is always an enjoyable experience barring cases where you have pain; lack of voice ensures that you just cannot express it!


Monday, January 5, 2009

My Second Monthly B'day

As, I completed 2 months on 3rd January, so my day began with everyone greeting me on the occasion and this is how I would react! My dada and dadee always celebrate monthly birthdays of my Rudra bhai and Ridhima didi; and now 3rd day of every month has been added to that list. I was also feeling good about it. In fact my father had shot some videos and is trying to figure out the alternate way to put them online as the files are way too big. In the evening, he got me this cake, which I would cut with the help of my mother...My mother would dress me up for the occasion; initially I was bit lost trying to figure out their conversation but then I too joined in....My Rudra bhai was also enjoying and was captured clapping, while I would look at him and appreciate him....Poor me can't share the bite yet though!


New Year Wishes

Any form of disconnection in this wired world is criminal. And just when my father posted the last message on this blog, our telephone stopped working; which explains the reasons for the delay.

The year 2009 has arrived with lots of hopes, wishes and desires amid prayers. I wish everyone a very happy, healthy, prosperous and satisfying 2009. May Almighty showers His blessings and care over everyone of us. Here is one new year greeting sms received my father and one that describes my wishes in most appropriate words

"Whatever is Beautiful, whatever is Meaningful, whatever give you Happiness; may all that be yours-Today, Tomorrow and Forever-Wishing you and your family members a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR."

And,here are some pictures taken on the 1st day of Jan'09.

I hate cap on my head
On my mom's shoulder
Mom transporting me into sunlight


Thursday, January 1, 2009

30 Dec-What A Day It Was!

My mother would wake me out of my sleep early as I need an early bath to get ready for the early morning prayers on my Rudra bhai’s birthday as he turned 1 today. He is looking very happy and excited and is busy getting ready for the big occasion. My dada and dadee have organised a lunch to mark his birthday and my formal naming ceremony and they are expecting close to 350 guests, relatives and friends. We both would get ready and do the honors to the willing cameraman- my father.

First, we all would offer our prayers to God and our family’s hon’ble priest would conduct the religious prayers and chant the sacred hymns. We all are thankful to our God for His continued blessings and care over our family and at the same time seek His blessings and care for our family, now and in future as well.

Soon visitors would start pouring in and look for both of us. We both are dressed for the occasion. My Rudra bhai is wearing a black tuxedo suit; while I am wearing a light almond colored frock with a red high-neck top and a red cap.
My mother has ordered 8 lb Black Forest Mickey Mouse shape cake for the occasion; which my Rudra bhai would cut with the help of my father. Lunch would be served to all the visitors’ right afterwards. It was an honour for our family that almost all the invitees turned up to become a part of our celebration. Needless to say that we missed my bua, mama and didi and other loved ones and close relatives. It was an awesome arrangement and all the credit goes to my dada and dadee who single-handedly organised it.

Thank you my dada and dadee for giving us such a wonderful gift!




My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!


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