Sunday, January 18, 2009

My White Hair

Mom just told me that I have a lone white hair on my head. No wonder I am writing this blog like an elderly person!! One thing I want to share with my readers is my apparent liking for my mittens. I love to suck them which means that I often spit on to my clothes- reason enough to make my mom scold me( not literaly though). But then who cares as these are the only playful activities I can indulge in at this stage. You know my mom tends to take unnecessary tension even on petty issues- mine taking feed in a hurry is always a cause for her anxiety .. but mom that is perfectly normal. You know Chetan uncle and Vaishali aunty told papa that Tanmay is like that too; so no worries on that count anymore...Nothing much that I can write about today as I slept for most part of the day- afterall it was a holiday so I decided to declare one for mine as well..

Soli inched one more day towards her original expected date of delivery. Keep it up Soli...

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