Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Busy Dad

The excitement that I was carrying since yesterday night over my father’s arrival would fizzle out by the end of Saturday. He seemed to have no time to spend with me.

First he woke up late at aound 930 am. After playing with me for half an hour, he spent whole one hour reading newspaper. Next one hour was all gone in attending to daily chores. Soon his friend called up for some work and he left our home for his place at around 2 pm to come back late at around 9pm. This would really infuriate me and I would cry a lot. My dadi pulled up my dad for his lackadaisical attitude and that was enough to make me smile..... mom too was angry at dad....his only escape route was to appologise to all of us; which he did....things soon began to look normal for me.

My dad then held me in his lap and promised me that he will spend more time with me tomorrow...Dad! I know you will....I love you dad.... but then do remember that I have inculcated in me your one trait whole and complete- your short temper......Look forward to not loosing my temper tomorrow...

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