Friday, January 16, 2009

A Real Long Day

15th January can easily be labeled as the longest day in my life until the writing of this post. After waking up at 7.30 am in the morning, I just didnt feel like going to sleep all through the day. This was reason enough to cause some worry for my mom and dadee. Creases on their foreheads kept getting longer and longer as the day progressed. However, the fact that I was playful all through the day did help water them down a little towards the second half. And by the time evening came they could notice that I was responding to them every time they would say something. And, as the night began to settle in, boisterous Reveda brought lot of excitement and joy to her mom, dadee and dada. Mom couldn't help but call my dad and would place the phone near my face while my dadee continued talking to me- I was in full mood to oblige them and so began responding to my dadee in my own voice-loud and clear. I am sure that must have made my dad miss me more. My increased level of activity meant that I was left with no option but to go for sound sleep at around 11 pm. I am still fast asleep at the time of writing this post. Poor dad in Gurgaon is waiting for next friday to board the Dehradun train to see the recording of events and moments of my longest day. Until then, phone narratives is his only option to enjoy those moments...

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