Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How Much Can You Learn... one month; especially when it is about pushing a shopping cart full of groceries? See yourself....
1st Video- Shot on 29th Dec, we were coming out of Garg Dastak Grocery store when I insisted on pushing the shopping trolley myself.....

2nd Video- Shot on 27th Nov, at the same place as the former

So, what have you found out? Well, I have learnt to improvise.....were you able to spot that moment?

Today is my Rudra bhai's birthday- as he completed two.... Happy Birthday Bhai- I love you lots!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Ek Do Teen Chaar.....New Math

Very mention of "Ek Do Teen" bring back memories of that famous song of 1988 movie Tezaab .......Those were the golden days of my papa- he was in school then- and that of so many others who come to this blog.......So, when he heard me utter "Ek-Do-Teen" (meaning One-Two-Three in English), he asked- are you trying to become Madhuri Dixit - I dont blame him for asking that question, after all she was the heart-throb of millions of kids/boys/men of that era! But, he was quick to make soon as he realised the importance of that moment......To his amazement and that of everyone, I was counting the stairs that I was climbing......"Ek"- after I climbed first, "Do"- when I found myself on second, "Teen"- while on the third step, "Chaar"- for fourth, "Paanch"- when on that fifth big platform......and "Ek-Do-Teen" lingo saw its first amendment in last 21 years, at least in our household..... No longer do they associate "Ek-Do-Teen" with Madhuri, I have replaced her......fair enough as you can't keep going back to 1988 and Tezaab.....

Thank you Dadee for being my first Mathematics teacher!

Last but not the least, why don't you hear Madhuri sing "Ek-Do-Teen" again! That shows my dad is writing this post.....old habits die hard, you know!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Best Laughter Moment

Blogadda has selected my this post under it's "Tangy Tuesday Picks-Dec 22" category.....Needless to say that I am happy about that........So, thank you Blogadda team!

Well, it's easy to make me smile; but it is really tough to make me laugh........... a "herd of cows" or a "group of stray dogs" is an exception to this general rule; as I always breaks into a laughter whenever I spot them.

It so happened the other day, that as we got down from our car, I spotted a "herd of cows" outside the market........a group of women was busy chit-chatting standing right next to them.... I ran towards those cows and stood my ground at a place facing both the groups.....With my one hand covering my mouth and other hand making "calling" gestures in the air, I burst into laughter...... Cows didn't hear my laughter nor did they see my gestures; but those women folks did........ I guess, my laughter and gestures must have been loud/distracting enough to break the flow of their engrossing talks......Angry glares and stares followed......Ignoring their bewildered but angrily staring looks, I continued laughing. Left with no option, the women folks chose to take a walk....... leaving my papa stunned while standing his ground, albeit on an apologetic note........But, I was still enjoying the sight of those cows!


Monday, December 21, 2009

What Do These Pics Tell You?

1. Me approaching my Rudra bhai's cheeks....completely contrasting emotions...that of complete surrender by my Rudra bhai amidst excitement on my face....
2. Such a good brother I have!
3. Covered in our monkey caps, that's me giving brother is so innocent!
4. My Rudra bhai to me- Behan (for sister in Hindi)bhaiya ko kissi do (give one kiss to your brother)
5. My Rudra bhai hugging me while sitting atop our car... Well, all these pictures are self explanatory......Me and my Rudra bhai get along so well.....and best part is that he is no big brother....rather it's the other way round! Don't these pictures tell you that?


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Horse Cum Bed

If my Rudra bhai is sitting on the sofa, he can't get down unless he becomes my horse cum bed.....first a horse followed by a bed.....and a loving brother, that he is, always obliges.

Today morning, was however different as he refused to oblige and left me crying!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two Wrongs ALWAYS Makes A Right


This post is dedicated in the memory of Kyoto protocol, as Copenhagen readies itself to signal the death of the protocol.

Yesterday, I had talked about as to how my mom is contributing to the climate change . Now, following three pictures will make it amply to what she does to us? We are always covered under those weighty clothes.....Can you see our plight in particular and that of climate in general!

1. Me and my Rudra bhai are looking as if we are wearing our space suits- Actually, I think she is preparing us for the day when human being's search for an earth's alternative (as an after effect of climate change) will make it imperative to embark on a space, why not make us learn to walk in space-suits, seems that's what she has in her mind....
2. Me sitting on stairs- As I can't walk for long with those weighty clothes... Actually that's my mom's way of making us learn to walk in short stretches.....Why?....Arey baba, soon we guys will find it difficult to walk for long hauls with all the smog and polluted air around....By the way, did you notice my hairstyle?
3. What hairstyle??? It has already gone for the toss with all that sweating.....Thank you mom for ensuring that we learn to cope with another fallout of climate change- experiencing sweat in winter months......Don't laugh at me..... that day is not far when you will sweat in December and feel a piercing cold in June; if at all it exists.
By now it is quite clear that my mom is the biggest polluter of the climate; rather all mom's are!........ Still, I would like to thank my mom for doing some service to us- for preparing us for the day when earth's climate will go for the toss;....thanks to no one, but all the moms of the world for draping their kids with all those weighty clothes.....and for causing an irreparable damage...did I say it right? Irreparable????

Copenhagen negotiators, are you listening? Let me give you a simple solution- please don't focus on the big picture......pass a simple resoluion to ban all these weighty clothes as they use more water and soap and energy......thus affecting earth's climate adversely.......impose sanctions on all the non complying moms and the countries!.......You guys are now entitled to some luxury time .....go take a walk on the streets of Copenhagen and eat lot of Danish pastries and biscuits....Kids don't need them anymore!

And, please dump that Kyoto protocol in the nearby ocean... Oh yes!, also take a pledge to continue with all the greenhouse everyone in the "developed world" has an eternal right to emit! And, we the so-called "developing world" has a valid point as well.....Two Wrongs ALWAYS Make A now it's our turn to play the catching up game....We will ensure the undesirable expansion in emissions and pollution.......

And, I promise that I will not be found wanting....I will surely contribute towards that goal in my own way; after all it's now my turn to play the catching up game with the kids of so-called developed world....

Wow, that's a great thought- I just realised that this earth has two worlds and good news is that both are dying....Thank you Copenhagen, for doing everything to speed up that process.....I have one more plea to make- please take an oath to speed it up......drafts and protocols have no meaning; perhaps "oath" will work!

Copenhagen- are you listening?



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Climate Change & My Mom

I am a winter girl as I was born during that season last year......If I were to believe my parents, my first winters were harsher than the one that is currently underway.....Effects of climate change, you know! I am sure that negotiators at Copenhagen climate summit have a lot on their is high time that they should bury their differences to make earth a better and safer world for kids like us....

Coming back to the issue of climate change, I feel my mom is the one who is responsible for this.....Every morning, she covers me with lot of clothes..... Reason? To protect me from the winter chill....Problem is that I have no words to tell her chill is yet to set in fully.....Even that sweat dripping off my head is of no help in communicating my message! Somebody should tell her that putting on more clothes means that there will be more clothes for washing every day....which in turn means more electricity and water wastage......leading to more emissions...

Can't she put on lesser clothes on me?

Going back to Copenhagen summit, the indecisive nature of climate talks at Copenhagen, clearly shows that gone are the days when December used to be a month of biting cold........ My suggestion, therefore would be, to help earth by avoiding extra clothes in December....... that way you will end up using lesser quantity of your alloted quota of emissions....... at least in this part of the world!

Mom are you listening?


Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Dad Says That .....

.......I am becoming naughty. The reasons cited in support of his allegations are:

~ the way I tease my Rudra bhai especially when I pull up his long hairs and runs away.

~ the way I hold phone while talking to my dada-dadee; holding it tight between my ears and shoulders ...... yes you got it right without using my hands.

~ my act of running away with phone as soon as my Rudra bhai asks for it....

~ or that act of hiding behind curtains...

~ or standing tall on the sofa and posing as if I am ready to jump off...

~ an act of sitting quietly on the stairs to give a false impression of inaction.... when all I am waiting for is the first opportunity to climb up....

~ not letting anyone close the main door.......even if it is 12 at night.

~ to be the first one to stand on the door as soon as I see my papa pick up his laptop....

Well his list is expanding with every passing day..... But you tell me is it good to label me like that? Especially for reasons given above.

Actually it is not my papa's is all because of my Rudra bhai....he is such an obedient child ...very sophisticated indeed! He is no match to me!

At the same time I can't match him either! We are poles apart.....


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Night Out At Odd Hour

I am sure you don't want to go on a night out at 1am in the way I did yesterday night. Let me explain.....

Although I have a bad throat and an unsettling cough, still I make it a point to play with my papa every night. Yesterday was no different...... Mom administered me my meds and I began playing with him before going to sleep on his lap......My parents too went to bed at around 12. It wasn't much before they had to wake up again to the sounds of my painful cries. Initially, mom thought that it is part of my daily night routine. But as my cries turned more shriller, she realised that something is amiss. By then papa too woke up......My Ashu chacha also came down from his bedroom.....Crying incessantly, I extended my hand towards my Ashu chacha; with tears flowing down my cheeks....... Worried papa gave me some crocin.......My Ashu chacha recommended a car ride....And, we were soon inside our car driving towards the hospital....... 10 minutes inside the car and I was already of to sleep....Papa consulted one doctor on our way back home, who suggested him to wait until morning...... Decision to give crocin proved to be a timely one as I slept peacefully afterwards......

Mom had just spoken to my doctor who said that it must have been ear pain which generally occurs with throat infection....I am aleady on antibotics hoping that they will work....Infact they are already working.

Thank God, my odd nightout didn't last long!

PS: Yesterday night's ear pain didn't come back, so today's was a peaceful night for me...... I was the usual first to wake up in the morning and ensured that my parents are also up before their normal usual time..... May be that's why my papa is complaining of headache! Well, amidst all this talk of infection and medicines, one thing that hasn't shown any decline is my liking for walking on my own....more about it later!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brain Teasers Are In!

Now that I have completed one year, my mom’s expectations too seem to have moved into a different gear; else how would you explain her decision to buy me brain teasers in the garb of a toy. That so called toy is a box containing 5 blocks of different shapes and sizes. All I am supposed to do is to put those blocks inside the matching slots. After few hit and trials, I did manage to put all the blocks inside their slots. Needless to say that it brought an ear to ear smile on my mom’s face!

But, honestly speaking I don’t like the challenge of putting all the blocks inside their slots and have discovered an easy way out-I always pick that lone circular block. You know why....arey baba it’s simple...that block has no edges unlike star or triangular shaped blocks; so it goes in the slot with an effortless ease........Mom, it’s done, no more interested in any other blocks!

Don’t know why can’t they get me some dolls?


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yet Another Update

Our new apartment is resonating with strange sounds of coughing and sneezing with me, my Rudra bhai and my papa down with throat infection....... Antibiotics have given way to fruit juice and my baby-food doesn't taste good.... At times, it feels as if I am carrying big weight on my head with a blocked nose.....I am draped in woolens from head to toe- mom managed to buy a monkey cap...... Oh pictures can wait as I don't want you to see my running nose!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Latest Update

We have moved into the new house and are having our own share of initial troubles that you would expect with every move- geysers not working, net yet to work properly, water supply is erratic etc etc. Seems that wasn't enough as now I have to deal with a bout of fever and bad throat as well- my Rudra bhai passed it to me.

Our connection will be up and running tonight. Till then, let me take some crocin and go back to sleep- didn't sleep properly last night!




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