Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Night Out At Odd Hour

I am sure you don't want to go on a night out at 1am in the way I did yesterday night. Let me explain.....

Although I have a bad throat and an unsettling cough, still I make it a point to play with my papa every night. Yesterday was no different...... Mom administered me my meds and I began playing with him before going to sleep on his lap......My parents too went to bed at around 12. It wasn't much before they had to wake up again to the sounds of my painful cries. Initially, mom thought that it is part of my daily night routine. But as my cries turned more shriller, she realised that something is amiss. By then papa too woke up......My Ashu chacha also came down from his bedroom.....Crying incessantly, I extended my hand towards my Ashu chacha; with tears flowing down my cheeks....... Worried papa gave me some crocin.......My Ashu chacha recommended a car ride....And, we were soon inside our car driving towards the hospital....... 10 minutes inside the car and I was already of to sleep....Papa consulted one doctor on our way back home, who suggested him to wait until morning...... Decision to give crocin proved to be a timely one as I slept peacefully afterwards......

Mom had just spoken to my doctor who said that it must have been ear pain which generally occurs with throat infection....I am aleady on antibotics hoping that they will work....Infact they are already working.

Thank God, my odd nightout didn't last long!

PS: Yesterday night's ear pain didn't come back, so today's was a peaceful night for me...... I was the usual first to wake up in the morning and ensured that my parents are also up before their normal usual time..... May be that's why my papa is complaining of headache! Well, amidst all this talk of infection and medicines, one thing that hasn't shown any decline is my liking for walking on my own....more about it later!

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