Monday, December 28, 2009

Ek Do Teen Chaar.....New Math

Very mention of "Ek Do Teen" bring back memories of that famous song of 1988 movie Tezaab .......Those were the golden days of my papa- he was in school then- and that of so many others who come to this blog.......So, when he heard me utter "Ek-Do-Teen" (meaning One-Two-Three in English), he asked- are you trying to become Madhuri Dixit - I dont blame him for asking that question, after all she was the heart-throb of millions of kids/boys/men of that era! But, he was quick to make soon as he realised the importance of that moment......To his amazement and that of everyone, I was counting the stairs that I was climbing......"Ek"- after I climbed first, "Do"- when I found myself on second, "Teen"- while on the third step, "Chaar"- for fourth, "Paanch"- when on that fifth big platform......and "Ek-Do-Teen" lingo saw its first amendment in last 21 years, at least in our household..... No longer do they associate "Ek-Do-Teen" with Madhuri, I have replaced her......fair enough as you can't keep going back to 1988 and Tezaab.....

Thank you Dadee for being my first Mathematics teacher!

Last but not the least, why don't you hear Madhuri sing "Ek-Do-Teen" again! That shows my dad is writing this post.....old habits die hard, you know!

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