Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Best Laughter Moment

Blogadda has selected my this post under it's "Tangy Tuesday Picks-Dec 22" category.....Needless to say that I am happy about that........So, thank you Blogadda team!

Well, it's easy to make me smile; but it is really tough to make me laugh........... a "herd of cows" or a "group of stray dogs" is an exception to this general rule; as I always breaks into a laughter whenever I spot them.

It so happened the other day, that as we got down from our car, I spotted a "herd of cows" outside the market........a group of women was busy chit-chatting standing right next to them.... I ran towards those cows and stood my ground at a place facing both the groups.....With my one hand covering my mouth and other hand making "calling" gestures in the air, I burst into laughter...... Cows didn't hear my laughter nor did they see my gestures; but those women folks did........ I guess, my laughter and gestures must have been loud/distracting enough to break the flow of their engrossing talks......Angry glares and stares followed......Ignoring their bewildered but angrily staring looks, I continued laughing. Left with no option, the women folks chose to take a walk....... leaving my papa stunned while standing his ground, albeit on an apologetic note........But, I was still enjoying the sight of those cows!

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