Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sibling Rivalry At Its Best!

Competitive spirit amongst siblings or sibling rivalry has an innate but innocuous ability to send the mutual love and warmth to a trash for few moments; has started happening with us (my Rudra bhai and me) as well.

Few days ago, my mom bought me a tee-shirt with picture of cars imprinted on it. As it happens normally, my mom made me wear that new tee-shirt the following day…..And, boy…. what a ruckus my Rudra bhai created as soon as he saw me wearing a tee-shirt with cars…..he too insisted on wearing similar tee shirt with cars……A frantic search started and my Shikha chahee could barely find one with a small car cartoon ……. Smile was back on my Rudra bhai’s face as he came downstairs sporting his car cartoon tee-shirt over his full shirt ……. Pointing towards his car he said, “Behan, dekh meri car (sister look at my car)” and love and warmth got restored, again!

We revisited this rivalry again as my mom got me a tricycle yesterday……my Rudra bhai already has one that suits his size and requirement……... As soon as he saw me sitting atop my cycle, he started crying……So, Ashu chacha made him sit on his bicycle but he quickly jumped off his………and took charge of mine as it was lying unattended…..….. It was now my turn and I started crying ……..In the heat of moment, my left hand managed to reach his cheeks, my nails did the rest……….but he refused to get down…..Seeing me beat Rudra bhai, my mom lost her cool and warned me not to beat him again……but all these warnings fell flat on my ears and I tried it again over my Rudra bhai as he kept refusing to part with his occupation of my cycle……...Ashu chacha intervened and made me sit over Rudra bhai’s cycle…….Ceasefire! And, normalcy got restored……..Both of us started calling each other’s name with same love and affection, as we normally do………Everyone couldn’t stop laughing as I was riding a bike that was double my size whilst my Rudra bhai was sitting on mine- half his size……..

Crazy kids, crazy rivalry but pure love!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Back To Normal!

I am back to normal after my first comprehensive date with viral fever. Honestly speaking, I didn't like this date at all and dont want to meet that monster ever again. I have lot of people to thank for their help and Mr. Antibiotics is surely one of them; but then his help never comes for free- he not only affected my apettite but also made me irritable.....not anymore though!

Now that I have regained my usual routine, our fights have started and so have all the jumping/ dancing, shouting and youtube sessions (that's where we see all those nursery rhymes.... my favourite video these days is that of a small girl called Chulbuli......infact my papa has already started calling my Chulbuli.......Not many would disagree with him that I am one! here

Why don't you have a look at that other Chulbuli?


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Have High Fever.....

........since Thursday afternoon; at times it shots up to more than 103F. I have already started taking antibiotics and hope to be fine soon. You take care.


Friday, March 19, 2010

My Date With Fever & A Scare

Everything was going-on as usual till about 3 pm (Thursday afternoon) when Santoshi didi took me in her arms to change my diapers. She could feel the heat coming out of my body and immediately informed my nanee; apparently, I was running very high fever! Before they could realise anything, I fainted........ In that moment of extreme anxiety, didi forgot my mom's telephone number and my nanee too didn't have anyone's. On a normal day, my Shikha chachee would have been there to take care of this emergency but as luck would have it, she was at the hospital with my Ashu chacha- he underwent twin surgery on his hand for removal of earlier inserted instrument. Luckily, my mom had written my Mamta mausi's telephone number on a piece of paper for my nanee's benefit. So, my nanee called her up who in turn informed my mom. My worried mom immediately called up my papa; who was sitting with his CEO for budget discussion- luckily he picked up her phone and rushed back home leaving the meeting midway.

Upon reaching home, my papa found me shivering in my nanee's arm......he immediately took me into his lap and started talking to my listless face.......that usual smile with which I used to greet him was completely missing; lack of my usual facial expressions left him worried. So he brought me out in the open.......a good move in that situation as it led me into a talking mode, albeit in a feeble voice- pointing my finger towards the car, I said- "jaana (meaning I want to go)".....Going by his reaction, it seemed as if my father was waiting to hear me say that. He told my nanee to rush inside the car and handed me over to her lap.........Driving towards the hospital, he called up my mom and told her to reach there directly. But as she was closer home by then, she chose to wait outside our colony's main gate.

As soon as we reached the main gate, I could see my mom running towards our car, sight of her running brought smile back on my face- feeblest of my smile till date, but a significant one. Taking me into her arms, she was crying inconsolably....a reprimand from my papa could only stop her from crying anymore and it did ......

Just by being in mom's lap was enough to shore up my energy fingers began pointing towards the moving cars, bikes, buses and rickshaws- identifying them in an extremely weak voice but good enough to relieve tensions of my parent's faces.

As soon as we reached hospital, we immediately rushed into Doctor's chamber.....The doctor examined me and found me running fever in excess of, he prescribed me some medicines for viral fever and told my parents to put cold water sponge on my body and head..... He observed that I had fainted because of high fever and told my parents to report to him any such recurrence immediately.

I was administered first dose of my prescribed medicines as soon as we reached home....and fever began to subside shortly thereafter. By then my Ashu chacha, Shikha chachee and Rudra bhai too had reached home.

In the evening, I insisted on going for a walk and my mom took me out to the nearby market. She bought a pair of hockey sticks and few crazy balls for me and my Rudra bhai; soon our drawing room transformed into a hockey field.

Later, I ate my dinner and I was about to retire off to the bed when fever lapsed again to go past 103F this time.......Another dose of medicine followed.

From then on, my fever and combiflam started playing a game of hide and seek every 6-8 hours and would continue to play it until Sunday evening.......

As my fever kept lapsing every 6-8 hours, doctor uncle told my mom to start antibiotics with effect from Friday night. Those antibiotics did manage to break the spell of fever, however it had also resulted in lot of weakness in my body and some mouth ulcers. Doctor uncle is saying that I will have to deal with it for next few days as I have never taken antibiotics in the past.

Now that, I have not experienced fever post sunday evening, I am hoping that my first date with it has ended......truly speaking neither of us would want to see me date it again......

Trust me repeated journeys from 98.4F to 103.8F do no good to my body.....I am happy to walk for miles instead!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Is The Boss?

…........…….is no difficult question to answer; I can safely be taken as one in my home. My Rudra bhai is not giving me competition- he is a super obedient and organized kid while on the other hand, I have a mind of my own and always do things that I like; even if it means picking up a fight or two with him.

Lately, my hands too have become quite active and they mostly land on his face or forehead……….and you know what my poor bhai says- “Behan main aapka bada bhai hoon; mujhey mat maro (Sister, I am your elder brother, don’t beat me)” ………… I can tell you from my parent’s reactions that my slapping acts do not amuse them…….....At the same time, I don’t want anyone to miss out on the fact that all this have begun only after my mom started going to work……… that makes my dad ask- “Is this because I am jealous of seeing Rudra in his mom’s company during the day-time?” …………Or, perhaps I am giving him a taste of what he used to do few months back! ……….

Slapping act or no act, fact remains that he is my Jeenu bhai and I am his behan and we both share great love and affection………. something that gets proved time and again; especially when we are not together and starts to miss each other’s company. When together, we always have a blast; and do not require anyone else's company. Even, when we go to park, we both tend to play together ignoring all the other kids!

And, we also know what it takes to scare one another, especially me! Knowing that my Rudra bhai is scared of dogs, I run after him with a toy puppy in my hand…….and watch him run helter-skelter or at times I just throw the puppy at him………

Makes my bhai say- “Mujhey behan se darr lagta hai (I am scared of sister)”……......Despite that, we both know and love each other!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Routine Or Military Regimen?

Lately, I have been quite irregular with my postings, thanks to my over-reliance on my dad- a busy man planning/executing his transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world.

I know I am yet to finish writing about my Dehradun trip which ended 9 days back on last Sunday. Not only that, I am also due to write about my adjustments at home after my mom joined work on last Monday. So let me jump ahead and write about my new routine- I will complete the pending posts in the due course.

We (me, my dadee and mom) came back from Dehradun on the evening of 7th as my mom was due to re-join work the next day. My dadee accompanied us to help me adjust in my mom’s absence during the first week.

Well, honestly speaking there is nothing much to write about my adjustment issues as I have not much choice with that……my bathing routine has changed and so has my feeding time….Now, my usual day starts at 7am followed by a “close to 8am” bath and 8.15am breakfast………all, because my mom has to leave at 9am………Santoshi didi takes care of me during the day time in supervision of my dadee & Shikha chachee …….She has been instructed suitably by my mom with slots fixed for food and sleep time ………..everything else in between is my play-time (depending upon my Rudra bhai’s availability) …...didi follows the instructed routine to the “T” until my mom comes back at 5.30pm………… All this makes my papa ask a question- “Am I serving army to follow this strict military regimen?” No one seems to have an answer to this; not even me!

For now, I am happy making adjustments…….And, I have to make another one starting today as I am now joined by my nanee after my dadee went back as planned…..


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Holi Celebrations In Pictures!

I am not going to write more as all the pictures are self explanatory.....We had a blast during Holi.....Unlike last year, we celebrated Holi at our Dehradun home this time. I & my Rudra bhai wore our new "holi special" dresses & played with colours, water and sand......You must see this post to see what we did on last Holi....Here comes the pictures!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dehradun Trip- Part 2

As soon as we reached our Dehradun home; both, I and my Rudra bhai began inspecting around the house……….picking up stuff that came our way- it wasn’t difficult to find something as my dada-dadee are getting a small pool constructed for us in the side lawns. Soon, the mound of sand and stack of bricks lying on the lawn became our favorite spot and would remain so for next few days……..I did manage to try my hands with the sand before that "don't play with sand" diktat became a rule…. Next day, for some good reason, my parents relaxed that "sand curfew" and didn’t stop me from playing with sand……. Rudra bhai’s did......... Defying their instructions, he too joined me; sand began to fly in all directions….some of it landed in our eyes and head; but we continued. Trying every trick in our book, we did our best to hold it in our hands but in-vain- it just kept slipping out of our hands…….we couldn’t help but wonder about its properties………. In the end, the attraction of playing with sand proved to be too strong for my parents to ignore and they also joined in………… Only "my mouthful of sand" act could bring this to an end!

Before, we could even realize, we found ourselves in the bathroom for an unscheduled bath……….As, we know how to make best use of every playing opportunity, my mom could figure out what is coming………so, she was ready with her “a dog is outside” plan to make us come out of water……….Luckily, she had a street dog waiting outside our gate!

In the night, my chachee found my old cradle and we could re-live some of our “not so old” moments, again!
Next post will be about Holi.......


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back, Refreshed & Rejuvenated!

......... well not me, but my mom- I have still not reached that stage where I need these refreshing and rejuvenating trips to recharge my batteries; they are always in a super-charged stage.........only my Rudra bhai can match my excitement level!

We came back on Sunday after spending close to 10 days in Dehradun. My mom has joined her office from Monday; leaving me with my dadee who has to come to stay with us for a while to help me adjust to my mom’s absence during the daytime- so, my dadajee is alone in Dehradun these days……….

In Dehradun, I was at my walking & running best- my legs have actually undergone all sorts of stress tests- walking on sand, grass lawn, on the heap of brick pieces, concrete and marble floor……..ground etc etc…..and I have passed most of them with flying colors- not injuring once! And, all those tests were chosen by me only- I love walking is no secret!

We also had a great time celebrating Holi in our Dehradun home - a first time for me as I was in Gurgaon during Holi last year! I will write a separate post about that. Rather, I feel it would be better to write it in a chronicle fashion…….

27th February 2010- It was bright Saturday morning when we left Gurgaon for Dehradun……Ashu chacha was driving the car with me, Rudra bhai, Shikha chachee, Santoshi didi, mom & papa seated inside. We took Ganga Canal route and stopped thrice en-route to Dehradun- firstly for taking a stroll towards the canal banks…….my Rudra bhai was as scared as ever, but not me……always eager and ready to jump inside the canal but for those strong grips! I was not at all ready to come up to the road and had to be forcibly taken out of the canal…………
After we came up, we saw something that is the wonder of India-“It Can Happen Only In India” type……..around 175 people seated on a poor truck- hats off to Tatas whose machine can carry this work load and to all those people who are seated inside…….do not forget to notice the colors and the smiles on faces and also those people who are waiting for their turn to get inside the front-cabin!

Our next stop was at a roadside eatery for a quick luncheon meal! I found something to keep myself busy…..a herd of cows……the old man shepherding the herd didn’t forget to bless me…….. another wonder of India- to give blessings to even those who you don't know!

Our third stop was at a place where Indian Army’s armoured division- another wonder of India; was undergoing its training with big giant battle tanks……I loved that sight; in fact each one of us was in complete awe of those great men and the machines- giant tanks and their high decibel sounds was a treat to our ears and eyes …….we didn’t take the picture for security reasons!

Soon thereafter we reached Dehradun to a welcome by my dadajee and dadee…… To be continued in next post!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Vacationing In Dehradun

I am out to Dehradun for a brief vacation after my mom took a a week off from work.......You know, I love being in Dehradun as it is total fun place with no restrictions whatsoever on my movements....... I am making full use of this new found freedom and will be back to posting on Sunday.......I have lot to share! Until then, you take care.................




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