Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Is The Boss?

…........…….is no difficult question to answer; I can safely be taken as one in my home. My Rudra bhai is not giving me competition- he is a super obedient and organized kid while on the other hand, I have a mind of my own and always do things that I like; even if it means picking up a fight or two with him.

Lately, my hands too have become quite active and they mostly land on his face or forehead……….and you know what my poor bhai says- “Behan main aapka bada bhai hoon; mujhey mat maro (Sister, I am your elder brother, don’t beat me)” ………… I can tell you from my parent’s reactions that my slapping acts do not amuse them…….....At the same time, I don’t want anyone to miss out on the fact that all this have begun only after my mom started going to work……… that makes my dad ask- “Is this because I am jealous of seeing Rudra in his mom’s company during the day-time?” …………Or, perhaps I am giving him a taste of what he used to do few months back! ……….

Slapping act or no act, fact remains that he is my Jeenu bhai and I am his behan and we both share great love and affection………. something that gets proved time and again; especially when we are not together and starts to miss each other’s company. When together, we always have a blast; and do not require anyone else's company. Even, when we go to park, we both tend to play together ignoring all the other kids!

And, we also know what it takes to scare one another, especially me! Knowing that my Rudra bhai is scared of dogs, I run after him with a toy puppy in my hand…….and watch him run helter-skelter or at times I just throw the puppy at him………

Makes my bhai say- “Mujhey behan se darr lagta hai (I am scared of sister)”……......Despite that, we both know and love each other!

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