Friday, March 19, 2010

My Date With Fever & A Scare

Everything was going-on as usual till about 3 pm (Thursday afternoon) when Santoshi didi took me in her arms to change my diapers. She could feel the heat coming out of my body and immediately informed my nanee; apparently, I was running very high fever! Before they could realise anything, I fainted........ In that moment of extreme anxiety, didi forgot my mom's telephone number and my nanee too didn't have anyone's. On a normal day, my Shikha chachee would have been there to take care of this emergency but as luck would have it, she was at the hospital with my Ashu chacha- he underwent twin surgery on his hand for removal of earlier inserted instrument. Luckily, my mom had written my Mamta mausi's telephone number on a piece of paper for my nanee's benefit. So, my nanee called her up who in turn informed my mom. My worried mom immediately called up my papa; who was sitting with his CEO for budget discussion- luckily he picked up her phone and rushed back home leaving the meeting midway.

Upon reaching home, my papa found me shivering in my nanee's arm......he immediately took me into his lap and started talking to my listless face.......that usual smile with which I used to greet him was completely missing; lack of my usual facial expressions left him worried. So he brought me out in the open.......a good move in that situation as it led me into a talking mode, albeit in a feeble voice- pointing my finger towards the car, I said- "jaana (meaning I want to go)".....Going by his reaction, it seemed as if my father was waiting to hear me say that. He told my nanee to rush inside the car and handed me over to her lap.........Driving towards the hospital, he called up my mom and told her to reach there directly. But as she was closer home by then, she chose to wait outside our colony's main gate.

As soon as we reached the main gate, I could see my mom running towards our car, sight of her running brought smile back on my face- feeblest of my smile till date, but a significant one. Taking me into her arms, she was crying inconsolably....a reprimand from my papa could only stop her from crying anymore and it did ......

Just by being in mom's lap was enough to shore up my energy fingers began pointing towards the moving cars, bikes, buses and rickshaws- identifying them in an extremely weak voice but good enough to relieve tensions of my parent's faces.

As soon as we reached hospital, we immediately rushed into Doctor's chamber.....The doctor examined me and found me running fever in excess of, he prescribed me some medicines for viral fever and told my parents to put cold water sponge on my body and head..... He observed that I had fainted because of high fever and told my parents to report to him any such recurrence immediately.

I was administered first dose of my prescribed medicines as soon as we reached home....and fever began to subside shortly thereafter. By then my Ashu chacha, Shikha chachee and Rudra bhai too had reached home.

In the evening, I insisted on going for a walk and my mom took me out to the nearby market. She bought a pair of hockey sticks and few crazy balls for me and my Rudra bhai; soon our drawing room transformed into a hockey field.

Later, I ate my dinner and I was about to retire off to the bed when fever lapsed again to go past 103F this time.......Another dose of medicine followed.

From then on, my fever and combiflam started playing a game of hide and seek every 6-8 hours and would continue to play it until Sunday evening.......

As my fever kept lapsing every 6-8 hours, doctor uncle told my mom to start antibiotics with effect from Friday night. Those antibiotics did manage to break the spell of fever, however it had also resulted in lot of weakness in my body and some mouth ulcers. Doctor uncle is saying that I will have to deal with it for next few days as I have never taken antibiotics in the past.

Now that, I have not experienced fever post sunday evening, I am hoping that my first date with it has ended......truly speaking neither of us would want to see me date it again......

Trust me repeated journeys from 98.4F to 103.8F do no good to my body.....I am happy to walk for miles instead!

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