Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sibling Rivalry At Its Best!

Competitive spirit amongst siblings or sibling rivalry has an innate but innocuous ability to send the mutual love and warmth to a trash for few moments; has started happening with us (my Rudra bhai and me) as well.

Few days ago, my mom bought me a tee-shirt with picture of cars imprinted on it. As it happens normally, my mom made me wear that new tee-shirt the following day…..And, boy…. what a ruckus my Rudra bhai created as soon as he saw me wearing a tee-shirt with cars…..he too insisted on wearing similar tee shirt with cars……A frantic search started and my Shikha chahee could barely find one with a small car cartoon ……. Smile was back on my Rudra bhai’s face as he came downstairs sporting his car cartoon tee-shirt over his full shirt ……. Pointing towards his car he said, “Behan, dekh meri car (sister look at my car)” and love and warmth got restored, again!

We revisited this rivalry again as my mom got me a tricycle yesterday……my Rudra bhai already has one that suits his size and requirement……... As soon as he saw me sitting atop my cycle, he started crying……So, Ashu chacha made him sit on his bicycle but he quickly jumped off his………and took charge of mine as it was lying unattended…..….. It was now my turn and I started crying ……..In the heat of moment, my left hand managed to reach his cheeks, my nails did the rest……….but he refused to get down…..Seeing me beat Rudra bhai, my mom lost her cool and warned me not to beat him again……but all these warnings fell flat on my ears and I tried it again over my Rudra bhai as he kept refusing to part with his occupation of my cycle……...Ashu chacha intervened and made me sit over Rudra bhai’s cycle…….Ceasefire! And, normalcy got restored……..Both of us started calling each other’s name with same love and affection, as we normally do………Everyone couldn’t stop laughing as I was riding a bike that was double my size whilst my Rudra bhai was sitting on mine- half his size……..

Crazy kids, crazy rivalry but pure love!

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