Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Blog Clock Is Off

My blog clock seems to have gone for the toss again as my father is busy setting up his business. As he doesn’t have the luxury of adding extra hours to his fixed quota of allotted hours to a day, everyone and everything is struggling with him for extracting their share from his 24 hours pie. However initial time demands of setting up a new business along with a current job means that it is the business that gets priority over everything else, including me and my blog. My blog posting has been erratic and so is the time that he spends with me. So much so that I had to cut my current monthly birthday cake in his absence- I completed 17 months yesterday.

The current paucity of time from my father has not deterred me from growing and adding new words/activities/habits to my ever growing repertoire of the same on daily basis…….most recent has been the way I have made up for his absence by talking to him over phone and calling him by his name- “Aaaaa-looooke…….caaar……horsie” meaning “Alok take me in your car to Leisure valley for a horse ride”……………… and he has promised to take me there on Monday. In addition to this, I have also started coming down heavily on my Rudra bhai matching him and bettering him at using my hands……most of them land on his face…..and he has few scratches over his face as a testimony of my prowess.

Well, I also want to tell you about April fool’s day celebration in our house- my Shikha chachee’s birthday- I am sure that must be her way of making fool of her parents when they might have been expecting a son…….else she could have landed few hours later for a 2nd April birth. Coming back to her birthday celebrations, she took her out for a dinner to Ikay’s at DLF Mega mall……the best thing about that restaurant is that almost everyone knows us- so entire restaurant becomes an open field for me and my Rudra bhai to do all the running……and they station one service boy with us; always. As usual my father arrived late and by that time I was already asking for “nin-neeee” meaning I want to sleep. But, my apologetic father ensured that I remained awake until dinner was served……. I didn’t get to eat the cake as I was already fast asleep by then.

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