Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yesterday I Went..... my papa's old office, MPS Tech as he wanted to meet his friends there....As soon as he entered inside, he took me into the cabins of his waiting friends telling me to say hello to them..... He also showed me his cabin where he used to sit....I was visibly happy and did lot of running around......pushed chairs.....turned switches on and off and made faces to watching Satya uncle........I also made it a point to use their rest-room and left my diaper there as a momento.....For my papa, going to MPS offices is always a homecoming of sorts.....that was the office he had joined when he was about to tie the knot with my mother- April 4th was his joining date and May 5th was their marriage.....It was really nice to go back to a place which my papa feels as his own even after leaving it 2 years ago.

Well this visit to his old office was planned as part of my evening car rides.....I was insistent on being taken out in car and that's when he decided to take us know when inside a car, I always demand that steering be handed over in my hands.....I love moving it with my both hands imitating my Ashu chacha who introduced me to this feels that my hands have lot of power as he had to push little harder to break my grip from his steering.....and you know what surprises them most is my direction when they say left, I move it towards left and likewise with right side; ofcourse they don't let me do that in a moving car.....Another notable feature of my car-rides is my ability to identity the type of vehicles that pass by us......i can identify car, bus, truck, auto with complete perfetion but one that brings ear to ear smile on my face is always a "rickshaw" got to see my smile to believe it as soon as I spot a rickshaw....... "Ickshaw" with finger pointing in its direction....... My love for rickshaw goes beyond sighting them as I love rickshaw rides .....and always prefer it over car; no wonder my mom uses my preference effectively every morning to make me get down from car just as my papa gets ready to leave for his office....... Another feature of my car-rides is that I always demand to be breast fed if its dark outside...... and my papa knows the trick to dissuade me from doing so midway through the feeding session- all he has to do is to say, "look look...there is something outside" find me up next moment just to be able to see outside.......he never fails to manufactures a story to support his move......

Enough of my car rides and now let me tell you something that I did when I saw my father enter inside after his latest Dehradun visit. With a big smile on my face, I exclaimed in excitement-"aaaalllloooooottt aaaaa gayaaaa" meaning Alok has come and started running all over the house.....he had to run behind me to pick me up....I was giggling with excitement......few hugs and pecks later, I took him inside into the bedroom to show him my new possession- my new shades.......Using hand gestures, I prodded him into sitting besides show my books and new dresses........As he was running late for work, he stood up for a quick bath.....and I was not at all ready for that rudeness......cried so hard that he was left with no option but shelve his immediate plans........played with me for next thirty minutes......sought my permission; which wasn't hard to come by now as I was happy.....My wait for car ride began as soon as I saw papa pack his laptop.......Standing on the door, I waited for him......was the first one to step out followed by my Rudra bhai and came in round of park and I let him head to office, happily so!

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