Thursday, April 30, 2009

What You Can Expect In Tonight's Post


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Annaprashan- First Rice Eating due for tomorrow. It will be conducted by the Priest as per rituals and will start at around 8 am. Needless to say I am excited as it will also signal a transition from milk only diet to milk cum solid food diet. And it also means that from tomorrow onwards, I will not be a silent spectator during dinner time. For those who don't know about Annaprashan ceremony, reading this will help. You know these ceremonies are one of the biggest dividends of being born into India; we have ceremonies for every occasion and “Annaprashan” is one of the most important one.......Do watch out for this space tomorrow for more on that.

On a completely different note, I wish my Renu bua and Rakesh mama a very happy marriage anniversary. They have completed 3 years of their marriage today. Since my bua is still recovering from H-pylori infection and is on a strict diet; they celebrated at their home in Uganda. Again, I wish my bua and mama a very happy and healthy married life.


Hey I am A Girl & Here's A Proof

.........of that.

They say that jewellery is woman's best friend. And following picture is an ample proof of what my friends did this morning when my mom made me wear a pair of silver pajebs (anklets),silver bangles, my gold ring and chain. My reaction was on the expected lines- I smiled.......... I am sure if I wear them daily, no one will embarass me by asking a question someone asked few days back; mentioned under point 2 here


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Open Letter To Would Be PM Of India

Mr/Ms. Would Be Prime-Minister,
By the time you will be anointed as the Prime Minister of this country, I would already complete 6 months after my birth. However, my age do not deter me from giving you my wish-list for this country. From whatever little I know about the politicians of this country, I am foolhardy enough to place my faith in your ability to manage the affairs of this country. Yet I have no choice but to do that and hand you over my wish-list with the hope that better sense will prevail amongst you and your team.

Please note that people of this country have nothing but hope left with them and I sincerely hope that you and your fraternity will not dupe them off that big small thing. I suggest you better not; as you are dealing with 1/6th of humanity. Just in case you don’t know, majority of that 1/6th number comprises of small kids like me. If humanity needs to prosper, you got to do something for the kids of this country. And, here is my wish-list-

1. Food for all- death due to hunger is criminal and I don’t want that to happen in this country any more. If you cannot ensure it, I don’t think you have any right to have your food.

2. Water for all- is my other demand. It is your duty to ensure that everyone gets an access to clean and safe drinking water. If you can’t promise it, I don’t think you have any moral right to take up the leadership position.

3. Complete eradication of homelessness- is possible should you turn this into a mission for new India.

4. Education for all- can be ensured with grit and determination to succeed. But where is that? Do you have that in you to promise me that? Please don't give me a HRD minister who can't even talk and walk.

5. Healthcare for all-needs to become a mission for new India. Would you be able to do that?

6. Employment for all- what stops you from promising this even after 62 years of independence?

7. Better Infrastructure- is what I need and demand from you. I need the worth of income tax that my family pays to the government without having to ask for it. I don’t pay taxes to help you afford your chopper rides or fill your own coffers. So, use it judiciously; if you can’t, let me know and I will tell you how you can do it better.

8. Security of everyone- don’t want bombs to go off in the crowded markets; don’t want gunmen to roam freely on the streets of any Indian city and kill people for no rhyme and reason. What are your plans to fight the menace of terrorism?

9. Environment Protection- in view of climate change needs to be taken seriously. Take steps to protect the environment. Do you have a plan in place?

10. Dump all the corrupt politicians- into the Arabian Sea........please do that.... please.

11. Last but not the least; do remember that your countrymen are more than the mere voters.

I have many other demands and I will keep raising them with you. Note that your leadership is subservient to the needs of your countrymen and not vice-versa. You have chosen this path to serve people and I, the people of this country are your master. So act accordingly and act decisively. There is absolutely no room for the politics of personal vendetta.

So, Mr/Ms Prime Minister- My suggestion to you is to focus your energies on these 11 tasks and rest everything will fall in place.

I will be closely monitoring your actions and the results thereof!

Edited to add: I demand all this as it is your duty to give me and all my fellow kids an atmosphere to realise our true potential.

Take care,

On behalf of all the Indian kids,



Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Sunday Chef

They say that DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) intake is good for the development of brain and eyes of a kid during their formative years. It is further believed that algae and fish are the best source of DHA. So, my father used to cook different types of fish for my mom when I was inside her womb; something, he hasn’t done that once since my birth. But, my mom can’t say that anymore as he decided to don the role of a chef again today; after a long time. What he cooked was grilled fish (of white Pomfret ) and Goan fish curry (of Salomon fish). Sandeep uncle and Pallavi aunty joined us for lunch and they enjoyed the taste (that's what they said). My mom is already fond of fish that my papa cooks for her. Cooking fish is always a nostalgic experience for my father, simply because it always reminds him of my Renu bua; she loves eating fish.

For now, I can't eat fish directly but then I am already eating it indirectly- through my mom’s feed. Needless to say that that was the basic motive behind the effort.......Thank you chef!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Move Into A New League

My mom woke up to a big thud this morning. Before she could realise anything, I had already started screaming after landing like a cat on all fours off my 1.50 feet high bed. Papa came running from the rest room; petrified. By the time he was in, my mom had already picked me up. I was crying incessantly. So my papa took me in his arms tightly holding me close to his chest. My frightened mom was checking on me for any injury. In his bid to divert my attention, papa took me out in the open and I stopped crying; perhaps it was the morning sun that helped! By that time my nanee too had come running down.

Soon afterwards, we came inside and papa started checking on my limbs, skull, arms, neck etc for injury marks. A small lump on one side of my head scared the hell out of him. My nanee instructed my mom not to let me sleep. Papa began pressing the lump with a soft cloth. And, then I did something they were waiting for- I smiled. That one smile was enough to restore the atmosphere back to normal. Papa called up my dadee and informed her about the fall. She asked my papa to put her on the speaker. I began reaching out for the phone as soon as I heard her voice over the phone. I started playing with it, giggling and smiling. My dadee told my parents not to worry and keep pressing the lump with a soft cloth; it is already back to normal since then.

My scared parents were still trying to ensure that everything is fine. Suddenly, my papa started clapping moving his hands from left side to right and then from top to bottom while constantly watching my pupil movement. I was in my mood to oblige him so I followed his claps in the desired direction. Once satisfied, he heaved a sigh of relief and said-

“You are now a grown up child; in a new league now”.

Bachhey gir gir ke hee bade hotey hain......... (Kids grow up after every fall)


Friday, April 24, 2009

School Dreams- Is There Any Hope?

Six months into life; I along with my family have already started to dream. Dreams, that are about my future- growing up as a kid and later as an adult. With every passing day that list continues to expand-few things gets added up while some are dropped. An essential constituent of that list is about the kind of schooling/education my parents would like me to give.

But, horrific incidents of past few days are beginning to affect me. Within a span of few days, two young girls (Shanno and Akkriti) have lost their lives. I have already mentioned about Shanno in one of my posts here. While, Akkriti, a 17 year old from Delhi’s Modern School lost her life following an asthma attack on Monday; apparently due to school’s negligence in administering her the required medical care. In their death, have gone all their dreams and that of their respective families. Their fault-they followed their respective school dream. Worse is that the incidents of Shanno and Akkriti are not stray incidents anymore; they are getting repeated at an alarming rate in different parts of the country. The lackadaisical approach of the administration in dealing with cases like that of Akkriti, Shanno and many other unfortunate kids is not helping either. If this is the way to deal with kids-incidentally the largest block of kids on the face of this planet; then I think something is terribly wrong with the school/education system of this country and the people who run it.

Here, I am left wondering- If a school is really worth it? Though my answer would still be an emphatic YES; but with a plea; that for God sake-
~ Please ban all these corporal punishments.
~ Set up fast track courts to deal with the cases of kids like Shanno, Akkriti, Aman and many others.
~ Make schools and its management accountable for the safety and security of the kids.
~ Make it mandatory for schools to maintain emergency medical care at school premises itself.

I don’t have any hopes left with our stupid politicians and heartless bureaucrats; but I hope that our Supreme Court is listening!

Edited to add: I request all the readers of this post to take up this issue in whatever manner they feel appropriate. Also, please write and urge your other blogger friends and colleagues to write posts on their blogs for creating an opinion on this issue so that no other Shanno, Akkriti or Aman lose his/her life while pursuing their school/college dreams. You can also use the comment tab of this post to write your views on this matter. Let us use the power of this medium to shake the administration so hard that it is left with no choice but to come out of its state of comatose. We don't need any more Shannos, Akkritis and Amans to happen to any other kid anymore. Enough is enough!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pain And Hope

साथ चलने का वादा किया था तुझसे
कुछ पल साथ चली थी तेरे
पर ज़िन्दगी की राह में
तू बन गया दरिया
जिस तरफ बहा वहीँ राह बना ली
मैं आज भी खड़ी हूँ उसी मोड़ पर
इस आस से कि शायद तेरी लहर आये
और मुझको भी साथ लेकर जाए

Those were not my words but that of my mom. For a change, I have taken it on to myself to bring out that hidden talent in my mom through my blog. The lines that I have reproduced above are from her first Hindi poem written way back in 90’s. The girl in this poem is in pain; but then at the same she still has some hope left. Her pain is originating from the fact that the man, who she had promised to walk with through the course of life, has chosen to leave her midway. That man is now busy enjoying the flow of life just like a river celebrates its flow through its course. But the girl, in keeping with her promise to her man is still waiting at the same spot where her man had left her; hoping for a tidal wave to bring her man back to him. So that both can walk together again!

So what do you think of this?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Questions-Incomplete Story Of Why And What

I come back to this forum every night with an aim of writing something worthwhile. And when I began writing today, I encountered so many questions jostling for small space inside my head. While I am grappling with my answers for those questions, I thought it best to also document them to see if I have answered them in any of my previous posts.

~ Who do I write this blog for?
~ What drives me to create situation for my father to write?
~ If I have to put in some extra effort in creating those situations or they are just part of my growing up experience?
~ Would it have made any difference had I born elsewhere and not India?
~ Why does life looks so exciting and simple from the eyes of a small kid?
~ What makes me cry? What makes me angry? What excites me?
~ Why do I act indifferently sometimes?
~ What is trust for me?
~ What do my eyes tell a person when I look into his/her eyes?
~ Why do people connect to me?
~ What is that bring people to this blog day after day?
~ What will trigger my initiation into the material world?
~ Why and how do people grow to become so different from one another after being so similar during their respective childhood?

While I search for my answers to the above and many other unsaid questions, why don’t you help me with your take on them? It must be simple for you as all you have to do is to take a flight back into your childhood and starts answering my questions as if I am you; but don’t forget to base it on your own life experience.

On my part all I know is that the kid in me is enjoying every moment of my childhood. It wants to do so many things and learn so much before impurities begins to set in and starts maligning me to make me more of a human being and less of a kid. But, I am sure there must be a way to avoid that- Is it not possible to grow without any corresponding increase in inner impurities?

Something tells me- “It is my dear”. And, please don’t forget that much talked about emphasis on the upbringing. Someone was right when he/she said that our households are our first nursery. So, my family- it is all in your hands! So, handle with care as your care is going to chart out the course of my life. Don't forget that everything is being documented here.

Please be aware that you guys (my family) are a potter and I am that mud on the potter's wheel aka circle of life. Now it is left to the potter to give me the desired shape and form. And, I am game for the same.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haphazard Post

It was kind of becoming monotonous to write about daily incidents on this blog. So, for a change today’s post will be something that will not make any sense. But then dude it makes here it starts-

1. New Singing Sensations-It seems April 09 is going to be a memorable month in the history of singing. It is during this month Britain got its newest singing sensation-Susan Boyle. She will be remembered for both, her singing as well as her attitude. It was her steely resolve that helped her take on a hostile judge and a not so appreciative crowd through her singing. As her singing progressed, all the perceptions began to crumble like a house of cards. And, soon a poor and an unemployed woman became an instant celebrity world over; thanks to the exemplary reach of internet. You must be wondering what Susan Boyle has got to do with this post. Actually I want you to know that while Susan Boyle was performing on the stage of the reality TV talent show “Britain's Got Talent”, yours truly was doing her own singing practise on the other side of the globe- humming all sort of self-composed tunes and singing all kinds of different raagas (scales in western music) known only to kids kingdom. Hearing me sing, mom instantly said- “Here comes my singing sensation”. Now doesn’t that comparison make sense?

2. Intense? Who me? Naah....Is it a boy or a girl? What???????????-While in an elevator inside a shopping mall, I was constantly looking at a 3 odd year old sitting on her pram......when her mom noticed my looks of curiosity, she said to my mom-“ your kid is so it a boy or girl”. Now can anyone tell me if it is so difficult to make out from my intense face as to whether I am a boy or a girl? I couldn’t help but smile with my both dimples in full display. Wonder why that lady chose to ignore my not so intense face then? But let me ask you again- “Is it really so difficult to make out from my face whether I am a boy or a girl?” Mummeeeeeeeeey....look what are they saying?

3. Story of everyday- Mom, I don’t need top-feed anymore as I am full for now.........and yes let me move my face towards my papa as I want to look at him...and yes, please don’t move my face back to you again till I do that myself. How selfish!

4. My loving Rudra bhai and the competitive spirit- always tries to hold me in his arms. At times he fights with my mom to let him hold me. Wonder what makes him think that he can hold me when he has just learnt walking! However, I have no doubts about his love and affection for his younger sister-me. On my part, I tried shouting him out the other day after I saw him in my mom’s lap.....5 month old and such an intense competitive spirit! My papa- "wake up baby......this is just not done!"

5. I can enjoy or sleep through high decibel live singing performance in a food court but when at home, even a stray sound of lighting up of a matchstick is enough to break the rhythm of my sleep. How strange!

6. I imitate my mom when she plays with me.....Now, who is a 5 month old?

I have many such situations and I can continue writing but the man who lends his words to these posts is feeling let me give him a break until next time. That man is my papa!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jungle Gym & Monkey Attack

I have heard lot of people tell my parents that it is always better to have another kid in the house. And I am certainly beginning to feel the benefits of my Rudra bhai, albeit for altogether different reasons. I feel that it is my birthright to be the natural heir of his large toy kingdom. So, it didn’t surprise me when my chachee gave me his jungle gym last week. The jungle gym, as the name suggests has lot of animals to give me company; giraffe, peacock, birds etc to name a few and I have developed an instant fascination for all of them.

I simply love this small space and all my residents in it.

But, all those monkeys in our neighbourhood don’t. I guess they are feeling threatened that my animal friends from my jungle gym would end their virtual reign? So, they came attacking yesterday. See for yourself.......

Someone should bring home the message to them that they have no business to interfere with my choice and I am going to do whatever it takes to protect my friends. At the same time I can assure them that my friends will never trespass into their territory. So they better not into theirs!

I hope our political masters read this. If a five month old can take a vow to protect and take care of its residents; can’t they do the same to more than one billion people of this country?


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where Is Our World Heading To?

Off-late I have developed some taste for the newspapers and very first sight of it makes me reach out for it. However, unlike my Rudra bhai I don’t tear it off and always let my papa read it. But today when I was trying to reach out to the newspaper; my papa said-“Reveda, please don’t touch as there is nothing in it to make you happy”. You need not be a smart person to make out that he didn’t like what he read. And it was indeed a piece of sad news of a 12 year girl Shanno slipping into a coma after being beaten by her teacher for not doing her homework. Shanno has since lost her battle for life -unarguably the heaviest price that one can pay for not doing the homework. In Shanno’s death, her parents have lost all their hopes and aspirations from their little daughter. The words “school” and “teacher” are going to haunt them forever.

The other news on the front page of the newspaper was about the violence by outlawed leftists in their bid to disrupt the ongoing general elections in the country. The violence left 18 people dead in the line of their duty; almost all of them were either the security personnel or the poll duty officers.

All this makes me wonder- if human life comes so cheap! Till when will people continue to lose their lives while pursuing their hope, aspirations and dreams? Why?

I have no answers, really I don't.......

Edited to add: News channels have just shown a news-clip of execution of a middle aged couple in NWFP area of Pakistan for their alleged illicit relationship at the behest of taliban under Sharia......

Horrific and Disgusting!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer Of 2009

Summers are fast nudging towards its prime with last few days’ temperatures making it the hottest Delhi April in last 5 years. It won’t be long before the city will start clocking temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius on a continuous basis. I have my Garhwali genes to blame when it comes to coping up with the heat. The ill-effects are already there to see; it doesn’t take much for my full sleeves tee-shirts to be completely soaked of my sweat. That prompted my mom to begin experimenting with the half sleeves tee-shirts yesterday. However it had to be shelved today as I have a running nose since yesterday. In addition to that, my parents have also decided to postpone their plans to start the air-conditioners by another week.

On the personal front, I don’t have much to write today as I am still adjusting to the reality of parents at work during the day time. My wait for them finishes at around 6pm when mom comes back; my papa is taking longer these days due to year end work and reaches home after 9pm only. Our respective ways to greet each other is however same- my big smile and their warm embrace of me followed by a peck on my cheeks; enough to make us forget those afternoon hours of separation.

And, now an update on my Renu bua- doctor has said that she has a Pylori-H infection; for which she needs to take medicine for 6 weeks. Please take care my bua and know that I love you a lot.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Questions?

Every morning my parents go to work leaving me at home with my nanee. And, unlike past couple of days, I wasn't sleeping when they left for work this morning; I woke up as they were about to leave. Still, I would see them off with a smile on my face. Yes! I was smiling but then I must have asked myself following questions-

~ Where do they go to everyday?
~ Do they miss me or think of me while they are away?
~ If it is really essential to leave me at home for work?
~ If it is a good trade-off?
~ Do I miss them and count the number of hours left for re-union?
~ How would this temporary separation of few hours affect our mutual relationship?
~ How do other children cope with the separation anxieties?
~ Why do I smile moments after I see my parents back from work in the evening?
~ If this temporary separation of few hours make me any different from what I would have been without any spectre of every morning's separation.
~ Do I enjoy taking top feed or I do that just to fight hunger during noon time.

I am looking for answers and any possible answers are welcome!

Well, my papa is bit sad as my Renu bua is unwell in Uganda. She has a stomach ache and doctors are saying that it is due to malaria. My Rakesh mama is travelling for work and is in Rwanda these days; he will return tomorrow morning. My worried papa has already called up my bua twice. Renu bua-I am thinking of you as well as my Ridhima didi; you will get well soon. Don't worry Rakesh mama will be back tomorrow. I know it must be tough to be alone in a far-away land but don't forget that you are my courageous bua. And above all, God is always there to help us.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom In Office- Testing Times

My mom had to literally drag herself to office after her two weeks extension of work from home facility expired last Friday. By the time I wake up, she had already attended to her daily chores. Only thing left on her plate was my bath; which she advanced by half an hour and finished with the help of my papa at around 9.30 am.

Tension was palpable all her face with mind constantly at work imagining the possible scenarios to deal with my separation anxiety. My disliking for the afternoon sleep and top feed was adding to her worries. Her concern was that as to how my nanee (her mom) will engage me in her absence.

After much persuasion and efforts she was successful in putting me off to sleep prior to leaving for work at 10.30 am. However that was not the solution to her worries and she kept thinking about me while in the car completely unaware of the help coming in from unexpected quarters- Reveda, her daughter itself. I didn’t give her any reason to feel threatened of any separation anxiety problem as I slept for close to one and half hours. Also, I would diligently drink top feed moments after waking up. I was laughing /smiling and giggling while playing with my nanee, chachee and Rudra bhai and would sleep once again for close to an hour in the afternoon. As my papa and mummy kept hearing of my progress, the frequency of their phone calls began to subside. Another round of top feed and it was about time for my mom time to head back home.

And I welcomed my mom with a big smile after she entered inside; something that was enough to make her bring that look of peace and satisfaction back to her face. With this my first testing day came to an end on an encouraging note. My mom’s wait for next day would begin as soon as first one ended.
And the next day was no different either!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kids Can Break Any Barriers

is proved again in the following message from Neil through his mom-

Heidi says:
Yesterday, 06:55:00
my little boy Neil wanted me to send this message to your baby tonight ...

"Dear Reveda,
I really like you, and I want to keep you.
Love, Neil Rafferty, Age 5
Harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA

PS I wish tomorrow will bring you toys and a bottle and food and a bib."

Thank you Neil for your kind words; which again proves that kids are beyond these man-made linguistic and geographical barriers...... they can forge bonds at will....I will always treasure these first words of appreciation for me!

Edited to add: Video that my mom shot couple of days back. I was playing and making all sorts of crazy sounds, best was that sound of a running bike switch on your will certainly enjoy it.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Sleepless Child

is what my mom thinks of me and justifiably so. She, in her mind had developed an understanding of a child’s sleeping behaviour based on her readings and discussions with her friends. However, when my time came, I belied all her expectations of my sleeping behaviour for no fault of mine. Actually, she failed to factor in the possibility of me entering into some sort of pact with my sleep. As per the terms of our pact, my sleep becomes my best friend during those 7 hours between 12 midnight and 7.30 am every day (albeit with few aberrations). I enjoy the company of my friend so much that I don’t wake up even once during that period; not even around 3 am when my mom gives me her feed. While the other terms of our not so secret pact now entitles me to pick and choose sleep at will anytime between 8 am and 12 midnight. And like a true friend, I don’t bother her much- only twice for a maximum time of 30 minutes. Poor mom is unnecessarily worried about this 8 hour sleeping habit of mine.....Relax mom, 8 hours sleep is what a human being need. You should be happy as you will not have to struggle much to teach me the virtues of “contentment” & “satisfaction.”

This has left me wondering, what a beautiful place this earth would become if everyone of us starts to seek only what we “need” and not what we “want”. Once we do that, nature’s balance will be restored as there will be something for everyone. God had designed it like that only; you seniors have forgotten that not we kids!


Every Day Is A New Day

for me; it also means that I will have something new up my sleeves. Like this loud burst into a laughter as if I understood the joke
And, then my first thumb sucking act in the night while in sleep.....makes my papa happy as he found me sleeping with my left thumb inside my mouth His hope of transferring his lefty genes to me have gained ground and this picture furthers his cause.....


Friday, April 10, 2009

Motherhood-Way To Transformation

They describe "Motherhood" as the state of being a mother; to my mind it is everything woman folk do on a daily basis. The foundation of real motherhood is laid when a life cell begins to take a shape and form inside her womb. The resulting nine month long testing process which then culminates in an unbearable labor pains leads to a new life and a beginning of a bond that only grows and strengthens with every passing moment. Such is the power of this bond that even a fiercely career centric women turns into a doted mother. In short, motherhood completely transforms a woman in every way.

My mom too is one such example- a story of a complete transformation, a tom-boy girl with computer programming as the only life goal to becoming a complete mother. Her initial reluctance to marriage gave way to it after she met my papa. But then the real change happened only after the arrival of yours truly and she started doing things that was least expected of her. A woman who hated yellow Arhar daal (yellow lentils) all her life began to eat it as someone told her that it helps produce adequate feed; and then she would happily wash my toilet strained nappies completely unheard of someone who used to skip meals even after smelling something foul to even reaching up to a stage where she began considering cutting down on the number of days at work....the list is long and might sound ordinary to many but is significant from my mom’s perspective. On my part, I feel great to be part of the fraternity that all moms come from.

Now that reminds me of the song my papa had put on my blog. You can listen to it by pressing the play button on the player at the right side bottom of this page- “In My Daughter’s Eyes” by Martina McBride and here are the that para at the end.

In my daughter's eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I wanna be
In my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light and the
world is at peace
This miracle God gave to me gives me
strength when I am weak
I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes

And when she wraps her hand
around my finger
Oh it puts a smile in my heart
Everything becomes a little clearer
I realize what life is all about

It's hanging' on when your heart
has had enough
It's giving more when you feel like giving up
I've seen the light
It's in my daughter’s eyes

In my daughter's eyes I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she'll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I'm gone I hope you see how happy
she made me
For I'll be there
In my daughter's eyes

Is that how they feel? "Yes" is the answer I hear.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Teething Troubles

have already started......constant itching in my ears, swollen gums and my consequent insatiable appetite for my fingers, touchy nature and a sudden increase in my diaper bill...for record my mom had to change 4 within a span of 2 hours... ..My doctor had advised use of gum-paint but that advice has been sent to trash bin after my mom read somewhere that it is not advisable to use it. My gum condition was best captured in the three pictures that my papa clicked today at around 8 pm.

Before I end this post, here is something that I would like you to tell me- “what do you think of the following two pictures- the picture in blue is of a 6 month old while the one on the right is me...any resemblance?”
Who do you think is the other kid? Prizes for guessing- is my love and prayers......


Thank You!

I have told my papa to write a "Thank You" post today. So, who all I wish to express my gratitude to and why? Here are the answers:

1. God for showing me the way to this beautiful world....yes it is always beautiful if you look at it from a kid's eyes. It is our seniors who pollute it, not us.
2. My entire family for everything.
3. Dr Meenakshi auntie, who conducted emergency surgery on my mom to save my life and also to her team members. Here is our picture when we first met after nearly 5 months. You can spot my gratitude for her in my eyes.
4. My Renu bua (Re) and Veda (Veda) bua for being an inspiration for my name!
5. Priest who conducted my naming ceremony.
6. All the family friends and relatives who visited me in hospital and later at our home.
7. Virender uncle (the cab driver) who dropped us to the railway station for my first journey to Dehradun.
8. Doctors I visited in Dehradun for my vaccination and ear problem.
9. Driver uncle who used to drive me to my various destinations while I was in Dehradun.
10. Our gardener for ensuring that flowers in our Dehradun lawn/garden could compete with me.
11. All those workers who stiched those dresses that I wear and look good in...
12. for giving me a platform to log these posts.
13. Last but not the least, all my readers who come to this blog and help me keep the motivation going. I will keep helping my father by creating situations for him to write; he can't refuse me his's his promise to me. Few people I can definitely mention here are Hashir uncle- my first committed reader, all the followers of my blog and people whose only identity is their respective isp.

And everyone else I should be thankful to.

Edited to add:

Thank you Ramesh uncle for being the idea-man behind this blog; but for your idea this blog would not have been possible.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Coffee & My Pram Ride

As mentioned earlier, my mom bought me a pram sometime back. And yesterday was the first occasion when she got an opportunity to fully test its utility. We were out Sunday evening; first went to Sandeep uncle and Pallavi aunt’s place followed by a visit to Mega Mall. Once inside the mall, I roamed around lying happily in my pram. Nothing could escape the attention of my eyes; they were busy transmitting all the happenings within the mall to my brain. My constant smile, laughter or giggle was a testimony of the fact that I was enjoying every moment; I didn’t cry once during that 4 hour outing.

Our unplanned visit to the mall left my papa poorer by few thousands rupees as mom decided to buy clothes- a pair of a white tee-shirt and blue denim for me, a dress for my Riya didi (my Mamta mausi’s daughter) on the occasion of her birthday, trousers for my Rudra bhai, pair of shirts for papa and a shirt for mom as well. As my shopping exhausted mom needed a coffee, so we went inside Cafe Coffee Day choosing to prefer it over Barista. Once inside the cafe, my “screaming out of excitement” riot started. The attendant thought that I am hungry and murmured something to this effect to my change his views later when he saw me- .”I think she is enjoying it” is what he said afterwards. Yes! I was. And soon, Mocha and Cappuccino gave way to me and I became the centre of excitement.Here is the picture from Cafe Coffee Day.
And yes! Happy Birthday Riya didi.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

That's Me @ 1.45 am

Location- My bed
Date- 5th April'09
Time- 1.45 am
Act I- wake up after an hour long sleep
Act II- pass my smile


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stellan And His Fight

This post is a prayer to God to save the life of Stellan- a four month old kid fighting for his life in a US hospital. Stellan was given no chance of survival by his doctors when he was a 24 weeks old inside her mom's womb. That's when his mom turned to God for help. As the traffic to her mom's blog grew so did the number of prayers for unborn Stellan. God answered the prayers and Stellan was born a healed baby. Four months into his life and Stellan is back in hospital for his heart trouble. People are praying for Stellan's recovery and so am I and my family.

I pray to God to please heal Stellan's heart and save his life. I am sure God will hear my prayers...I know it as kids are most close to God and so are Stellan and me.

Stellan- we are praying for you and you will soon return to your home- Healthy and safe.

And I also request my readers to pray for Stellan.


Happy 5th Monthly Birthday

to me as I completed 5 months today. A brief of the month gone by:

1. Learnt to turn on my own; now they can't expect me to lay on bed on my back.....I turn, I raise my head with my entire weight on my stomach. I cry out of frustration when I am unable to move my hand stuck under my stomach but then I rejoice as soon as I manage to do that.

2. Learning to crawl- I pedal my legs and manages few inches of displacement from the original position to feel tired soon afterwards. Drooling off my mouth, I lay my head to rest for few moments and catch hold of my breath to start the process all over again; and continue it until I am completely exhausted. As a result, I manage to cover quite a distance- my achievement for the effort. With that, one more self learning exercise in my pursuit towards full scale crawling gets over......Next one will start at my will as per my convenience.

3. After they call my name, their wait for an eye contact with me equals the time that I take to be face to face with them........I follow their voice, move my neck to be able to look into their face and smile.....they forget whatever is worrying them.

4. As soon as I see my milk-bottle, I reach out for it; hold it to drink the milk off it. Not only this, I also reach out for the objects lying around me; if I manage to hold them, I rejoice in my achievement but if I am unsuccessful I cry zillions.

5. It is normal to see me use my fingers (or knuckles at times) in my fight against my hardened gums- all my fingers inside my mouth is a common sight these days.

6. I fully recognise my family members; but a stranger to me is bound to get a cold stare initially. And, when I see recognisable faces, my arms reach out for their embrace with a smile on my face.

7. I see off my papa every morning with a smile to return it again in the evening as soon as he is back.

8. When at my playful best, I often imitate the sounds that I hear.

9. I now have my own pram and a big green bath tub.

10. Last but not the least, my first hand to move is always the right unlike my father who is a natural lefthander. He still has hopes that I will be a lefty too.

All these achievements of mine were celebrated by cutting a cake. My mom ordered it and my Rudra bhai helped me slice it down the middle. The chocolate cake was surrounded by 6 jelly filled coloured candles. My mummy, papa, chacha, chachee, Tinku chacha and Rudra bhai were present there while my dada and dadee joined in over phone. My papa will upload the pictures later as he is unable to locate the chord.

As I said earlier, the beauty of time is that it just flies without anyone coming to know of it- it just occcured to me that winters are gone, so is spring and now blistering summers are knocking at the doors. And with those changes in the seasons, this small kid is now a 5 month old..


Friday, April 3, 2009

Delayed Post

My busy papa couldn't log this post on yesterday as he arrived late from work. He told me that it is that time of the year when he is most busy......end of financial year.....I don't know much about all these things as of now but I will be an informed person in next couple of years...... By the time he turned up at around 11pm, I was already fast asleep. But he would wake me up from my sleep as he is kind of used to seeing me first the moment he enters inside the house.....surprisingly so I didn't make any hue and cry of his act of waking me up early.

I am now going to mention something that will embarass my father- his short temper. He tends to loose his cool on petty issue these days...even an unwanted phone-call by a telecaller is enough to make him loose his cool. Apparently he is feeling the heat of pressures at work or he is stressed ....or it is just weather; but something is bothering him. I know he is bit concerned about me as my mom has to join her office full time in a week's time. His disenchantment and disapproval of the backroom maneuverings in the corporate world too has something to do with it. Actually few days back his one time mentor and ex-boss left the company he started 4 years back as a result of dirty corporate feud. It is about time my father do something which makes him happy; perhaps work on his dream project- A Play School. I am gonna be his customer, mentor and a model too... So, relax papa and take it easy....

Last but not the least, I have completed 5 months today. Time just flies.........and it is flying every other moment. More about my 5th monthly birthday in few hours from now....


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Chachee

Nothing much to write today except that today is my Shikha chachee's birthday- Happy Birthday chachee. She organised a lavish dinner for the family after cutting her birthday cake. As usual my Rudra bhai was standing next to the cake waiting anxiously to clap; which he did as soon as it was cut. I was watching all the proceedings while on my mother's lap.

One more update is that my nana and nanee are visiting us from Dehradun to take care of me in my mom's absence while at work. Actually, mom has been given two weeks by her boss to make some suitable arrangements so that she is able to join office instead of working from home. Apparently my mom's Indian CEO has told her US boss that companies in India don't allow it's employees to work from their homes......"Doesn't this argument amounts to questioning the off shoring model completely" is how my father reacted to it. He cites example of his company where women employees are allowed to opt for "Work From Home facility" after their maternity leaves are over. Let's see what happens on this issue....




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