Monday, April 6, 2009

Coffee & My Pram Ride

As mentioned earlier, my mom bought me a pram sometime back. And yesterday was the first occasion when she got an opportunity to fully test its utility. We were out Sunday evening; first went to Sandeep uncle and Pallavi aunt’s place followed by a visit to Mega Mall. Once inside the mall, I roamed around lying happily in my pram. Nothing could escape the attention of my eyes; they were busy transmitting all the happenings within the mall to my brain. My constant smile, laughter or giggle was a testimony of the fact that I was enjoying every moment; I didn’t cry once during that 4 hour outing.

Our unplanned visit to the mall left my papa poorer by few thousands rupees as mom decided to buy clothes- a pair of a white tee-shirt and blue denim for me, a dress for my Riya didi (my Mamta mausi’s daughter) on the occasion of her birthday, trousers for my Rudra bhai, pair of shirts for papa and a shirt for mom as well. As my shopping exhausted mom needed a coffee, so we went inside Cafe Coffee Day choosing to prefer it over Barista. Once inside the cafe, my “screaming out of excitement” riot started. The attendant thought that I am hungry and murmured something to this effect to my change his views later when he saw me- .”I think she is enjoying it” is what he said afterwards. Yes! I was. And soon, Mocha and Cappuccino gave way to me and I became the centre of excitement.Here is the picture from Cafe Coffee Day.
And yes! Happy Birthday Riya didi.

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