Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Chachee

Nothing much to write today except that today is my Shikha chachee's birthday- Happy Birthday chachee. She organised a lavish dinner for the family after cutting her birthday cake. As usual my Rudra bhai was standing next to the cake waiting anxiously to clap; which he did as soon as it was cut. I was watching all the proceedings while on my mother's lap.

One more update is that my nana and nanee are visiting us from Dehradun to take care of me in my mom's absence while at work. Actually, mom has been given two weeks by her boss to make some suitable arrangements so that she is able to join office instead of working from home. Apparently my mom's Indian CEO has told her US boss that companies in India don't allow it's employees to work from their homes......"Doesn't this argument amounts to questioning the off shoring model completely" is how my father reacted to it. He cites example of his company where women employees are allowed to opt for "Work From Home facility" after their maternity leaves are over. Let's see what happens on this issue....

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