Friday, April 24, 2009

School Dreams- Is There Any Hope?

Six months into life; I along with my family have already started to dream. Dreams, that are about my future- growing up as a kid and later as an adult. With every passing day that list continues to expand-few things gets added up while some are dropped. An essential constituent of that list is about the kind of schooling/education my parents would like me to give.

But, horrific incidents of past few days are beginning to affect me. Within a span of few days, two young girls (Shanno and Akkriti) have lost their lives. I have already mentioned about Shanno in one of my posts here. While, Akkriti, a 17 year old from Delhi’s Modern School lost her life following an asthma attack on Monday; apparently due to school’s negligence in administering her the required medical care. In their death, have gone all their dreams and that of their respective families. Their fault-they followed their respective school dream. Worse is that the incidents of Shanno and Akkriti are not stray incidents anymore; they are getting repeated at an alarming rate in different parts of the country. The lackadaisical approach of the administration in dealing with cases like that of Akkriti, Shanno and many other unfortunate kids is not helping either. If this is the way to deal with kids-incidentally the largest block of kids on the face of this planet; then I think something is terribly wrong with the school/education system of this country and the people who run it.

Here, I am left wondering- If a school is really worth it? Though my answer would still be an emphatic YES; but with a plea; that for God sake-
~ Please ban all these corporal punishments.
~ Set up fast track courts to deal with the cases of kids like Shanno, Akkriti, Aman and many others.
~ Make schools and its management accountable for the safety and security of the kids.
~ Make it mandatory for schools to maintain emergency medical care at school premises itself.

I don’t have any hopes left with our stupid politicians and heartless bureaucrats; but I hope that our Supreme Court is listening!

Edited to add: I request all the readers of this post to take up this issue in whatever manner they feel appropriate. Also, please write and urge your other blogger friends and colleagues to write posts on their blogs for creating an opinion on this issue so that no other Shanno, Akkriti or Aman lose his/her life while pursuing their school/college dreams. You can also use the comment tab of this post to write your views on this matter. Let us use the power of this medium to shake the administration so hard that it is left with no choice but to come out of its state of comatose. We don't need any more Shannos, Akkritis and Amans to happen to any other kid anymore. Enough is enough!

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