Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer Of 2009

Summers are fast nudging towards its prime with last few days’ temperatures making it the hottest Delhi April in last 5 years. It won’t be long before the city will start clocking temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius on a continuous basis. I have my Garhwali genes to blame when it comes to coping up with the heat. The ill-effects are already there to see; it doesn’t take much for my full sleeves tee-shirts to be completely soaked of my sweat. That prompted my mom to begin experimenting with the half sleeves tee-shirts yesterday. However it had to be shelved today as I have a running nose since yesterday. In addition to that, my parents have also decided to postpone their plans to start the air-conditioners by another week.

On the personal front, I don’t have much to write today as I am still adjusting to the reality of parents at work during the day time. My wait for them finishes at around 6pm when mom comes back; my papa is taking longer these days due to year end work and reaches home after 9pm only. Our respective ways to greet each other is however same- my big smile and their warm embrace of me followed by a peck on my cheeks; enough to make us forget those afternoon hours of separation.

And, now an update on my Renu bua- doctor has said that she has a Pylori-H infection; for which she needs to take medicine for 6 weeks. Please take care my bua and know that I love you a lot.

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