Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jungle Gym & Monkey Attack

I have heard lot of people tell my parents that it is always better to have another kid in the house. And I am certainly beginning to feel the benefits of my Rudra bhai, albeit for altogether different reasons. I feel that it is my birthright to be the natural heir of his large toy kingdom. So, it didn’t surprise me when my chachee gave me his jungle gym last week. The jungle gym, as the name suggests has lot of animals to give me company; giraffe, peacock, birds etc to name a few and I have developed an instant fascination for all of them.

I simply love this small space and all my residents in it.

But, all those monkeys in our neighbourhood don’t. I guess they are feeling threatened that my animal friends from my jungle gym would end their virtual reign? So, they came attacking yesterday. See for yourself.......

Someone should bring home the message to them that they have no business to interfere with my choice and I am going to do whatever it takes to protect my friends. At the same time I can assure them that my friends will never trespass into their territory. So they better not into theirs!

I hope our political masters read this. If a five month old can take a vow to protect and take care of its residents; can’t they do the same to more than one billion people of this country?

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