Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Open Letter To Would Be PM Of India

Mr/Ms. Would Be Prime-Minister,
By the time you will be anointed as the Prime Minister of this country, I would already complete 6 months after my birth. However, my age do not deter me from giving you my wish-list for this country. From whatever little I know about the politicians of this country, I am foolhardy enough to place my faith in your ability to manage the affairs of this country. Yet I have no choice but to do that and hand you over my wish-list with the hope that better sense will prevail amongst you and your team.

Please note that people of this country have nothing but hope left with them and I sincerely hope that you and your fraternity will not dupe them off that big small thing. I suggest you better not; as you are dealing with 1/6th of humanity. Just in case you don’t know, majority of that 1/6th number comprises of small kids like me. If humanity needs to prosper, you got to do something for the kids of this country. And, here is my wish-list-

1. Food for all- death due to hunger is criminal and I don’t want that to happen in this country any more. If you cannot ensure it, I don’t think you have any right to have your food.

2. Water for all- is my other demand. It is your duty to ensure that everyone gets an access to clean and safe drinking water. If you can’t promise it, I don’t think you have any moral right to take up the leadership position.

3. Complete eradication of homelessness- is possible should you turn this into a mission for new India.

4. Education for all- can be ensured with grit and determination to succeed. But where is that? Do you have that in you to promise me that? Please don't give me a HRD minister who can't even talk and walk.

5. Healthcare for all-needs to become a mission for new India. Would you be able to do that?

6. Employment for all- what stops you from promising this even after 62 years of independence?

7. Better Infrastructure- is what I need and demand from you. I need the worth of income tax that my family pays to the government without having to ask for it. I don’t pay taxes to help you afford your chopper rides or fill your own coffers. So, use it judiciously; if you can’t, let me know and I will tell you how you can do it better.

8. Security of everyone- don’t want bombs to go off in the crowded markets; don’t want gunmen to roam freely on the streets of any Indian city and kill people for no rhyme and reason. What are your plans to fight the menace of terrorism?

9. Environment Protection- in view of climate change needs to be taken seriously. Take steps to protect the environment. Do you have a plan in place?

10. Dump all the corrupt politicians- into the Arabian Sea........please do that.... please.

11. Last but not the least; do remember that your countrymen are more than the mere voters.

I have many other demands and I will keep raising them with you. Note that your leadership is subservient to the needs of your countrymen and not vice-versa. You have chosen this path to serve people and I, the people of this country are your master. So act accordingly and act decisively. There is absolutely no room for the politics of personal vendetta.

So, Mr/Ms Prime Minister- My suggestion to you is to focus your energies on these 11 tasks and rest everything will fall in place.

I will be closely monitoring your actions and the results thereof!

Edited to add: I demand all this as it is your duty to give me and all my fellow kids an atmosphere to realise our true potential.

Take care,

On behalf of all the Indian kids,


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