Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Questions-Incomplete Story Of Why And What

I come back to this forum every night with an aim of writing something worthwhile. And when I began writing today, I encountered so many questions jostling for small space inside my head. While I am grappling with my answers for those questions, I thought it best to also document them to see if I have answered them in any of my previous posts.

~ Who do I write this blog for?
~ What drives me to create situation for my father to write?
~ If I have to put in some extra effort in creating those situations or they are just part of my growing up experience?
~ Would it have made any difference had I born elsewhere and not India?
~ Why does life looks so exciting and simple from the eyes of a small kid?
~ What makes me cry? What makes me angry? What excites me?
~ Why do I act indifferently sometimes?
~ What is trust for me?
~ What do my eyes tell a person when I look into his/her eyes?
~ Why do people connect to me?
~ What is that bring people to this blog day after day?
~ What will trigger my initiation into the material world?
~ Why and how do people grow to become so different from one another after being so similar during their respective childhood?

While I search for my answers to the above and many other unsaid questions, why don’t you help me with your take on them? It must be simple for you as all you have to do is to take a flight back into your childhood and starts answering my questions as if I am you; but don’t forget to base it on your own life experience.

On my part all I know is that the kid in me is enjoying every moment of my childhood. It wants to do so many things and learn so much before impurities begins to set in and starts maligning me to make me more of a human being and less of a kid. But, I am sure there must be a way to avoid that- Is it not possible to grow without any corresponding increase in inner impurities?

Something tells me- “It is my dear”. And, please don’t forget that much talked about emphasis on the upbringing. Someone was right when he/she said that our households are our first nursery. So, my family- it is all in your hands! So, handle with care as your care is going to chart out the course of my life. Don't forget that everything is being documented here.

Please be aware that you guys (my family) are a potter and I am that mud on the potter's wheel aka circle of life. Now it is left to the potter to give me the desired shape and form. And, I am game for the same.

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