Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy 5th Monthly Birthday

to me as I completed 5 months today. A brief of the month gone by:

1. Learnt to turn on my own; now they can't expect me to lay on bed on my back.....I turn, I raise my head with my entire weight on my stomach. I cry out of frustration when I am unable to move my hand stuck under my stomach but then I rejoice as soon as I manage to do that.

2. Learning to crawl- I pedal my legs and manages few inches of displacement from the original position to feel tired soon afterwards. Drooling off my mouth, I lay my head to rest for few moments and catch hold of my breath to start the process all over again; and continue it until I am completely exhausted. As a result, I manage to cover quite a distance- my achievement for the effort. With that, one more self learning exercise in my pursuit towards full scale crawling gets over......Next one will start at my will as per my convenience.

3. After they call my name, their wait for an eye contact with me equals the time that I take to be face to face with them........I follow their voice, move my neck to be able to look into their face and smile.....they forget whatever is worrying them.

4. As soon as I see my milk-bottle, I reach out for it; hold it to drink the milk off it. Not only this, I also reach out for the objects lying around me; if I manage to hold them, I rejoice in my achievement but if I am unsuccessful I cry zillions.

5. It is normal to see me use my fingers (or knuckles at times) in my fight against my hardened gums- all my fingers inside my mouth is a common sight these days.

6. I fully recognise my family members; but a stranger to me is bound to get a cold stare initially. And, when I see recognisable faces, my arms reach out for their embrace with a smile on my face.

7. I see off my papa every morning with a smile to return it again in the evening as soon as he is back.

8. When at my playful best, I often imitate the sounds that I hear.

9. I now have my own pram and a big green bath tub.

10. Last but not the least, my first hand to move is always the right unlike my father who is a natural lefthander. He still has hopes that I will be a lefty too.

All these achievements of mine were celebrated by cutting a cake. My mom ordered it and my Rudra bhai helped me slice it down the middle. The chocolate cake was surrounded by 6 jelly filled coloured candles. My mummy, papa, chacha, chachee, Tinku chacha and Rudra bhai were present there while my dada and dadee joined in over phone. My papa will upload the pictures later as he is unable to locate the chord.

As I said earlier, the beauty of time is that it just flies without anyone coming to know of it- it just occcured to me that winters are gone, so is spring and now blistering summers are knocking at the doors. And with those changes in the seasons, this small kid is now a 5 month old..

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