Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Sleepless Child

is what my mom thinks of me and justifiably so. She, in her mind had developed an understanding of a child’s sleeping behaviour based on her readings and discussions with her friends. However, when my time came, I belied all her expectations of my sleeping behaviour for no fault of mine. Actually, she failed to factor in the possibility of me entering into some sort of pact with my sleep. As per the terms of our pact, my sleep becomes my best friend during those 7 hours between 12 midnight and 7.30 am every day (albeit with few aberrations). I enjoy the company of my friend so much that I don’t wake up even once during that period; not even around 3 am when my mom gives me her feed. While the other terms of our not so secret pact now entitles me to pick and choose sleep at will anytime between 8 am and 12 midnight. And like a true friend, I don’t bother her much- only twice for a maximum time of 30 minutes. Poor mom is unnecessarily worried about this 8 hour sleeping habit of mine.....Relax mom, 8 hours sleep is what a human being need. You should be happy as you will not have to struggle much to teach me the virtues of “contentment” & “satisfaction.”

This has left me wondering, what a beautiful place this earth would become if everyone of us starts to seek only what we “need” and not what we “want”. Once we do that, nature’s balance will be restored as there will be something for everyone. God had designed it like that only; you seniors have forgotten that not we kids!

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