Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Move Into A New League

My mom woke up to a big thud this morning. Before she could realise anything, I had already started screaming after landing like a cat on all fours off my 1.50 feet high bed. Papa came running from the rest room; petrified. By the time he was in, my mom had already picked me up. I was crying incessantly. So my papa took me in his arms tightly holding me close to his chest. My frightened mom was checking on me for any injury. In his bid to divert my attention, papa took me out in the open and I stopped crying; perhaps it was the morning sun that helped! By that time my nanee too had come running down.

Soon afterwards, we came inside and papa started checking on my limbs, skull, arms, neck etc for injury marks. A small lump on one side of my head scared the hell out of him. My nanee instructed my mom not to let me sleep. Papa began pressing the lump with a soft cloth. And, then I did something they were waiting for- I smiled. That one smile was enough to restore the atmosphere back to normal. Papa called up my dadee and informed her about the fall. She asked my papa to put her on the speaker. I began reaching out for the phone as soon as I heard her voice over the phone. I started playing with it, giggling and smiling. My dadee told my parents not to worry and keep pressing the lump with a soft cloth; it is already back to normal since then.

My scared parents were still trying to ensure that everything is fine. Suddenly, my papa started clapping moving his hands from left side to right and then from top to bottom while constantly watching my pupil movement. I was in my mood to oblige him so I followed his claps in the desired direction. Once satisfied, he heaved a sigh of relief and said-

“You are now a grown up child; in a new league now”.

Bachhey gir gir ke hee bade hotey hain......... (Kids grow up after every fall)

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