Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thank You!

I have told my papa to write a "Thank You" post today. So, who all I wish to express my gratitude to and why? Here are the answers:

1. God for showing me the way to this beautiful world....yes it is always beautiful if you look at it from a kid's eyes. It is our seniors who pollute it, not us.
2. My entire family for everything.
3. Dr Meenakshi auntie, who conducted emergency surgery on my mom to save my life and also to her team members. Here is our picture when we first met after nearly 5 months. You can spot my gratitude for her in my eyes.
4. My Renu bua (Re) and Veda (Veda) bua for being an inspiration for my name!
5. Priest who conducted my naming ceremony.
6. All the family friends and relatives who visited me in hospital and later at our home.
7. Virender uncle (the cab driver) who dropped us to the railway station for my first journey to Dehradun.
8. Doctors I visited in Dehradun for my vaccination and ear problem.
9. Driver uncle who used to drive me to my various destinations while I was in Dehradun.
10. Our gardener for ensuring that flowers in our Dehradun lawn/garden could compete with me.
11. All those workers who stiched those dresses that I wear and look good in...
12. for giving me a platform to log these posts.
13. Last but not the least, all my readers who come to this blog and help me keep the motivation going. I will keep helping my father by creating situations for him to write; he can't refuse me his's his promise to me. Few people I can definitely mention here are Hashir uncle- my first committed reader, all the followers of my blog and people whose only identity is their respective isp.

And everyone else I should be thankful to.

Edited to add:

Thank you Ramesh uncle for being the idea-man behind this blog; but for your idea this blog would not have been possible.

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