Friday, April 3, 2009

Delayed Post

My busy papa couldn't log this post on yesterday as he arrived late from work. He told me that it is that time of the year when he is most busy......end of financial year.....I don't know much about all these things as of now but I will be an informed person in next couple of years...... By the time he turned up at around 11pm, I was already fast asleep. But he would wake me up from my sleep as he is kind of used to seeing me first the moment he enters inside the house.....surprisingly so I didn't make any hue and cry of his act of waking me up early.

I am now going to mention something that will embarass my father- his short temper. He tends to loose his cool on petty issue these days...even an unwanted phone-call by a telecaller is enough to make him loose his cool. Apparently he is feeling the heat of pressures at work or he is stressed ....or it is just weather; but something is bothering him. I know he is bit concerned about me as my mom has to join her office full time in a week's time. His disenchantment and disapproval of the backroom maneuverings in the corporate world too has something to do with it. Actually few days back his one time mentor and ex-boss left the company he started 4 years back as a result of dirty corporate feud. It is about time my father do something which makes him happy; perhaps work on his dream project- A Play School. I am gonna be his customer, mentor and a model too... So, relax papa and take it easy....

Last but not the least, I have completed 5 months today. Time just flies.........and it is flying every other moment. More about my 5th monthly birthday in few hours from now....

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