Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haphazard Post

It was kind of becoming monotonous to write about daily incidents on this blog. So, for a change today’s post will be something that will not make any sense. But then dude it makes sense.....so here it starts-

1. New Singing Sensations-It seems April 09 is going to be a memorable month in the history of singing. It is during this month Britain got its newest singing sensation-Susan Boyle. She will be remembered for both, her singing as well as her attitude. It was her steely resolve that helped her take on a hostile judge and a not so appreciative crowd through her singing. As her singing progressed, all the perceptions began to crumble like a house of cards. And, soon a poor and an unemployed woman became an instant celebrity world over; thanks to the exemplary reach of internet. You must be wondering what Susan Boyle has got to do with this post. Actually I want you to know that while Susan Boyle was performing on the stage of the reality TV talent show “Britain's Got Talent”, yours truly was doing her own singing practise on the other side of the globe- humming all sort of self-composed tunes and singing all kinds of different raagas (scales in western music) known only to kids kingdom. Hearing me sing, mom instantly said- “Here comes my singing sensation”. Now doesn’t that comparison make sense?

2. Intense? Who me? Naah....Is it a boy or a girl? What???????????-While in an elevator inside a shopping mall, I was constantly looking at a 3 odd year old sitting on her pram......when her mom noticed my looks of curiosity, she said to my mom-“ your kid is so intense...is it a boy or girl”. Now can anyone tell me if it is so difficult to make out from my intense face as to whether I am a boy or a girl? I couldn’t help but smile with my both dimples in full display. Wonder why that lady chose to ignore my not so intense face then? But let me ask you again- “Is it really so difficult to make out from my face whether I am a boy or a girl?” Mummeeeeeeeeey....look what are they saying?

3. Story of everyday- Mom, I don’t need top-feed anymore as I am full for now.........and yes let me move my face towards my papa as I want to look at him...and yes, please don’t move my face back to you again till I do that myself. How selfish!

4. My loving Rudra bhai and the competitive spirit- always tries to hold me in his arms. At times he fights with my mom to let him hold me. Wonder what makes him think that he can hold me when he has just learnt walking! However, I have no doubts about his love and affection for his younger sister-me. On my part, I tried shouting him out the other day after I saw him in my mom’s lap.....5 month old and such an intense competitive spirit! My papa- "wake up baby......this is just not done!"

5. I can enjoy or sleep through high decibel live singing performance in a food court but when at home, even a stray sound of lighting up of a matchstick is enough to break the rhythm of my sleep. How strange!

6. I imitate my mom when she plays with me.....Now, who is a 5 month old?

I have many such situations and I can continue writing but the man who lends his words to these posts is feeling sleepy......so let me give him a break until next time. That man is my papa!

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