Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stellan And His Fight

This post is a prayer to God to save the life of Stellan- a four month old kid fighting for his life in a US hospital. Stellan was given no chance of survival by his doctors when he was a 24 weeks old inside her mom's womb. That's when his mom turned to God for help. As the traffic to her mom's blog grew so did the number of prayers for unborn Stellan. God answered the prayers and Stellan was born a healed baby. Four months into his life and Stellan is back in hospital for his heart trouble. People are praying for Stellan's recovery and so am I and my family.

I pray to God to please heal Stellan's heart and save his life. I am sure God will hear my prayers...I know it as kids are most close to God and so are Stellan and me.

Stellan- we are praying for you and you will soon return to your home- Healthy and safe.

And I also request my readers to pray for Stellan.

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