Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where Is Our World Heading To?

Off-late I have developed some taste for the newspapers and very first sight of it makes me reach out for it. However, unlike my Rudra bhai I don’t tear it off and always let my papa read it. But today when I was trying to reach out to the newspaper; my papa said-“Reveda, please don’t touch as there is nothing in it to make you happy”. You need not be a smart person to make out that he didn’t like what he read. And it was indeed a piece of sad news of a 12 year girl Shanno slipping into a coma after being beaten by her teacher for not doing her homework. Shanno has since lost her battle for life -unarguably the heaviest price that one can pay for not doing the homework. In Shanno’s death, her parents have lost all their hopes and aspirations from their little daughter. The words “school” and “teacher” are going to haunt them forever.

The other news on the front page of the newspaper was about the violence by outlawed leftists in their bid to disrupt the ongoing general elections in the country. The violence left 18 people dead in the line of their duty; almost all of them were either the security personnel or the poll duty officers.

All this makes me wonder- if human life comes so cheap! Till when will people continue to lose their lives while pursuing their hope, aspirations and dreams? Why?

I have no answers, really I don't.......

Edited to add: News channels have just shown a news-clip of execution of a middle aged couple in NWFP area of Pakistan for their alleged illicit relationship at the behest of taliban under Sharia......

Horrific and Disgusting!

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