Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Questions?

Every morning my parents go to work leaving me at home with my nanee. And, unlike past couple of days, I wasn't sleeping when they left for work this morning; I woke up as they were about to leave. Still, I would see them off with a smile on my face. Yes! I was smiling but then I must have asked myself following questions-

~ Where do they go to everyday?
~ Do they miss me or think of me while they are away?
~ If it is really essential to leave me at home for work?
~ If it is a good trade-off?
~ Do I miss them and count the number of hours left for re-union?
~ How would this temporary separation of few hours affect our mutual relationship?
~ How do other children cope with the separation anxieties?
~ Why do I smile moments after I see my parents back from work in the evening?
~ If this temporary separation of few hours make me any different from what I would have been without any spectre of every morning's separation.
~ Do I enjoy taking top feed or I do that just to fight hunger during noon time.

I am looking for answers and any possible answers are welcome!

Well, my papa is bit sad as my Renu bua is unwell in Uganda. She has a stomach ache and doctors are saying that it is due to malaria. My Rakesh mama is travelling for work and is in Rwanda these days; he will return tomorrow morning. My worried papa has already called up my bua twice. Renu bua-I am thinking of you as well as my Ridhima didi; you will get well soon. Don't worry Rakesh mama will be back tomorrow. I know it must be tough to be alone in a far-away land but don't forget that you are my courageous bua. And above all, God is always there to help us.

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