Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three Brats On The Dance Floor!

Occasion- Mini bua's (Mayank chacha's sister) marriage at Dehradun
Date- 27th September

Loud music and an appreciative audience is all my Honey didi and Rudra bhai need to showcase their dance talent- both of them love to dance. Mini bua's marriage gave them an opportunity and it didn't take much for them to hit the floor. It took my Rudra bhai exactly nine seconds to get into rhythm with Honey didi's feet following him in quick succession.

I was watching the entire action from my papa's lap. Unable to resist high decibel music beats, I started shaking my body to ultimately found myself sharing the dance floor with my didi and bhai...... As soon as my Rudra bhai saw me, he pulled out all the stops to make me join him.......Here are the visuals of all the action.....

Once on the dance-floor, I couldn't resist joining them for long. I started dancing in my own way by shaking my shoulders, neck and upper body. My Rudra bhai and Honey didi were dancing at their energetic best.....

Three brats brought the dance floor back to life, again!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Donate For A Cause

Braja had written this moving post on Vijay calling for donations to help him kick-start his life ravaged by an accident........please read that post and donate for the worthy cause!


Shoe Polish & Big Ants

If you have two sub-2 year old super-charged kids sharing same house, you surely have a task cut out for yourself- ask our respective parents! They are always fearful of us; albeit for reasons- valid and invalid. Here are some valid ones:

~ I love big ants.......I like their taste. So I kill them at first sight; only to put them into my mouth......My parents hate to see me do that......So, watchful eyes always track my movements and that of ants too!

~ On the other hand, my Rudra bhai has a fetish for shoe polish. The other day, when we were getting ready to go out for dinner, my chacha found him playing with it...... all his clothes had turned black and so were his hands and face....... Seeing him that way, angered my chacha; so my papa intervened and jokingly told Rudra bhai not to play with shoe polish but eat it...... Today, he did exactly that.... better watch out for words!

I am sure you would want to know how does an ant or shoe polish tastes; but we will not tell you that.....you wasted your opportunity to know that.....we don't want to miss ours!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Perfect Start!

Time: 6.50 am
Date: 23rd September 2009

Lying by my papa, I broke into a laughter; loud enough to wake him up from his deep sleep........and, before he could even open his eyes, I started touching his face.....gently and softly with my tender hands...... "Pleasantly surprised" was the look on his face.......lifting me up in his arms, he kissed my forehead........and uttered "thank you beta" in an emotionally choked voice!

Yes! it's my papa's birthday today- his first one after my birth and he could not have asked for any better start than this- that's how he feels! And, this time he is right......

Happy birthday, papa!

Edited to add: I went back to sleep after wishing my papa!

Edited to add: Papa's Birthday Update My papa is richer by one more year and a new phone as well; Ashu chacha gifted him one on his birthday. It was my proud Rudra bhai who handed him his new phone saying- "Tau (Uncle in Hindi)- happy happy"..........

Sandeep chacha and Golee chachee brought him a delicious birthday cake; which he would cut with me and my Rudra bhai standing next to him......Later, we went out for dinner at I-Kay's , a fine dining restaurant at Mega Mall- Gurgaon........While they were eating their dinner, both me and my Rudra had fun........ total fun!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Disappearing Act!

I am here....I am here....doing everything that I love doing......crawling faster than before.....trying to learn to stand on my feet......shouting out dogs.....etc etc....but, couldn't post anything as my umbilical cord to this blog had developed some throat infection......Umbilical cord???? Fever????...What am I talking about?.....Let me explain....

My papa who logs all these posts for me was down with throat infection...... that infection led him to high fever for couple of days.....As soon as he recovered, he headed straight to Doon valley jungles along with Sandeep chacha for a recce trip.....Way to recuperate or something is cooking....watch out!

While he was away in the jungles, my mom and I were busy attending Anil mama's engagement ceremony in Delhi.... It was fun....

And, with this, my latest disappearing act stands explained!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cute Puppy & My Scared Brother

I had professed my love for dogs in this post sometime back. That affection is growing with my daily “dog viewing” car rides. And, now I have a dog at home as well, albeit not a real one but a cute toy puppy that can walk, jump and bark; all at the press of a button.......My mom bought it for me last Sunday. She is happy at her choice as my love for dogs is finally getting manifested in that cute puppy; who I can touch and feel............ On the other hand, my Rudra bhai is a scared man these days! All you need to do to make him go away is to press that button.......and he starts to run all over, looking for a place to hide; crying and scared of that puppy........With an amusing look on my face, I watch the entire drama unfold before my eyes;........ so much wanting to tell my brother- "bhai, there is no need to be scared of animals; human beings are worse " .......

You don't believe me? Go and read newspapers, watch TV and you will start believing me"......


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House Arrest!

That I can climb up our staircase is no more a news to anyone; but what I am going to share with you now will certainly be so; at least it was to my family members.......... My mom was the first one to break that news out, after she saw me walk down our stairs; much to her horror and disbelief.

A shrewd mom; that she is, managed to hide her anger and frustration behind her smiles........but only after pouring cold water on my hopes of getting some pat on my back for my achievement........ Who cares, after all she is ........ mom.

So, she would instantly issue some instructions/orders to Santoshi didi- to keep a close watch on my movements and not allow me to go anyway near those stairs! So, stairs are completely out of bounds for me now and my actions and movements are being closely monitored.......... Santoshi didi doesn't seem to me as my caretaker; rather she resembles more with those secret service agents....... or those bloodhounds!

All this has left me with a strange feeling.......feeling of being under some sort of house arrest.........I hope I am wrong!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Me & My Rudra Bhai

As sun broke out after a gap of five days, my Rudra bhai and I were itching to go out. "Who will bell the cat" seemed to be the most pertinent question in our minds.....

We got our opportunity fairly soon; as everyone was busy with their breakfast, my Rudra bhai sneaked out of the room first, with his tricycle.........I must have been waiting for him to do that, as I quickly followed his footsteps...... Papa came rushing out after he noticed that both of us are missing from action.......

Coughing badly, my Rudra bhai was trying his level best to make me sit atop his tricycle....Creases on our respective foreheads were getting stronger, darker and longer....... Not wanting to loose a great moment; my papa pitched in and lent his helping hand to my Rudra bhai....... Widest possible smiles were back on our faces in a flash!

Now, the scene is set- a sister is sitting atop her brother's cycle while her elder brother has his hands on the cycle handle....both have wide smiles on their faces...... Sister is filled up with pride and her smile is boasting of her brother's love and care...... Acutely aware of his responsibility, brother is protective, bullying, caring, affectionate with love abound in each of his actions! ....

But, where is the damn camera? Papa runs inside and by the time he came out, photo opportunity was going away from him......

Video 1- You must see these videos to see as to how that opportunity walked away from my papa!

Video 2- Here you can see that element of care and affection as Rudra bhai goes pushing my bicycle...with love and complete dedication!

Video 3- Best of all, see my hands touching my Rudra bhai's face and his reaction to it.....awesome! This is our best moment till date!

400 metres of walking and no sign of our illness; love surely heals!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Rudra Bhai Did It Again

.....as he manages to pass on his throat infection to me; that too for the second time during past one month. My doctor says that my throat is too bad and I also have a congestion in my chest... So, now I will have to take a triple cocktail of syrups for next five days. Hopefully, I won't need any antibiotics; so that's one piece of good news....

He has further recommended to take bananas off my daily diet and has advised my mom to avoid chilled water and pickles....... And, I will have to avoid lemon as well..... Too bad as I love lemons!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Price Of One Life......

Tragedy struck one capital school yesterday when five girls died in a stampede on school stairs. Apparently, those girls were trying to avoid molestation at the hands of boys who were writing exams in that school. How cruel!!!

It would definitely sadden me when I will read this news, after I grow up.....One need not be a fore teller to guess my possible reaction- It will be that of anger, hurt, frustration and anguish on the sad turn of events; coming in as it did on a day when I was enjoying the rains .

Government's reaction has been on the expected lines- to order an enquiry, announce an ex-Gratia and wait for next incident in another school or institution......Oh! they hae been kind enough to fix a price of Rs 100,000 ($ 2,000) for one life......... Wonder, if we ordinary citizens should also fix a price on the life of these bast***s (politicians and bureaucrats); as incidents like these are nothing but telling-tale signs of bad governance.....

All I can do now is- to hope that the guilty will be brought to book by the time I am old enough to read this post...... and also to pray for those young departed souls......


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rain-Rain Come Again!

...... is my favourite rhyme of the day!

While majority of Delhi is tired of unending rains, I am simply loving it! Rains have kept me busy throughout the day as I would crawl upto the main entrance at every available opportunity to watch rains!

Finally, when mom got tired of picking me up from the main entrance, she strapped me atop my chair and placed it right at the entrance........It brought an instant smile to my face-

And when she tried to take me off my chair, this is how I reacted


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Water In Car Engine!

...sounds weird; isn’t it? But that’s what my papa found out when he started his car to head to office yesterday morning. Another try and he knew something is wrong; opened bonnet of his car only to found his fears come true- the engine was oozing a mixture of oil and water. It took him little to figure out the culprit- our car cleaner. My papa had asked him to pour water into wiper inlet; instead he poured a bucket full of water in the engine inlet. Shucks....- was the first reaction; expletives followed.....and, then some frustration and anguish. Regaining his composure, he called for mom......and out came rushing my mom with me in tow........Papa is again livid at the car cleaner, in absentia; mom is in a bit pensive mood and me -all smiles, laughing, giggling...... For the first time in my life, I saw my papa getting distracted of my smiles....... Unaware of situation around me, I was busy laughing and smiling when papa told mom to take me inside; but realised his mistake fairly quick..... Took me in his arms and said- “beta- main yehan pareshan hoon aur aapko hansee aa rahee hai (Here I am worried about my car and you are smiling)”....... As soon as he finished, I burst into another bout of laughter; and he couldn't’t stop himself from smiling.

With smile back on his face, his mind started working and he called up Sandeep chacha for contact details of his car mechanic. As he was not readily available, he called up couple of other service stations. Later on, he decided to wait for the first one to get free; which would not be before 7 pm.......

The guy did manage to get free by that time and reached our home at around 7 pm. Four hours of cleaning up, flushing and other acts brought the engine back to life......papa heaved a sigh of relief; for obvious reasons....... Cost of the whole exercise was a paltry Rs 1,794 ($ 36) against morning estimates of Rs 50,000 ($ 1,000) given by those two service stations........ Expressing his deep gratitude to the guy, he handed him the money...... He thanked God!

And Rakesh uncle’s word summed it up best- “Mehnat ki kamayee waste nahin jaatee (money earned by sheer hard work never goes in vain)” ...... How true!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Strong Girl!

...is often what I hear these days.....and reasons are many; consider this:

* I can lift one Kilogram of sugar/salt/detergent or a Litre of cooking oil with an ease......For records, I have no aspirations to become a weightlifter....

* I don't shy away from picking up a fight with my Rudra bhai over his tricycle. Actually, we both dislike the sight of each other on that tricycle..... so fights over it are all the more common now. Big boy, that he is, always manages to over-power me.....only to find me back with bigger resolve and strength...... Another snatching act followed by an intervention restores the possession back to me, with Rudra bhai happily lending his hand to push the cycle from behind.....story of every day now!

* I can't be tied to a pram or a chair.......so every day one gets to see a new daring stunt......Remember that I have no fear.

* My papa's poor glasses have to bear the brunt of my raw power every time they come in reach of my hands......they have already gone out of shape...or shall I say are not symmetrical anymore.......

* I can drag heavier stuff- table, chairs, buckets etc etc.....It doesn't matter how big is the thing, all I need is a place to hold and make a firm grip!

Well, I can go compiling this list but then need to save some for next time.....

Before I end this post, let me wish Tanmay on completing one year- He turned one on 5th September; we attended his birthday dinner on sunday night gone by.....I wish mom had clicked some pictures. She says that she forgot; signs of getting old....perhaps!

Never mind, I have a picture from our last visit to Tanmay's home- so here is Tanmay, Tanvi didi and me in July:


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life Out Of A Song!

Scene 1
Mom- Alok, do you remember that song?
Papa (he knows the song mom is talking about) – I can’t remember the exact words

Silence follows; both are in deep thinking mode while I am playing with papa's cell phone. Papa manages to retrieve one line of the main song......and, humming follows

Scene 2
Papa- (singing) “हम और बंधेंगे , हम तुम कुछ और बंधेंगे” (we shall come closer, more closer)
Mom- (singing) “जीवन की बगिया महकेगी, लहकेगी” (Garden of life shall blossom)

YouTube search followed and song came to life......again......after two years! Yes; that’s what they told me.......

Scene 3
Both are playing this song on their respective laptops.......Confused me, is looking at both of them........ Mom had tears in her eyes and papa is no different either!

Here is the song that brought tears to their eyes! It is no brainer as to why tears came rolling down their cheeks........(papa will post English translation of lyrics soon)

History behind this song: Those were the days when my parents were debating on the question of bringing another life into this world.....Although they had complete unanimity on the need for a kid; timing was a big bone of contention ....... Papa was of the opinion that mom is highly career oriented, something that she should tone down first before planning a kid; while mom was not ready to discuss this subject at all ......And then, they stumbled upon this song by chance; developed an instant liking for the song and the lyrics......Our car-stereo player played this song non-stop for more than 3 months (Ruchi bua might remember mom telling her about this song).......From then on, it didn't take much for reality to dawn on them.......Soon, life-cell began to take shape inside my mom's womb .....That life cell is a 10 months old kid now; and can laugh, giggle, cry, touch, feel, crawl......Or should I say, is someone who is more than what this song describe!


Hey! I am Ten Now; 10 Months I mean

As my new banner suggests, I have completed 10 months on 3rd September. Like on previous nine occasions, this time also I celebrated my monthly birthday by cutting a cake with some help from my Rudra bhai. It was really sweet of him to give the first cake piece to me.........This time; we were joined by Golee chachee and Golu chacha for the occasion.
I am sure you would want to see my birthday cake; so here is a picture of my tenth monthly birthday cake surrounded by 11 candles (all of them are not visible, so please don’t count) of different shapes and sizes.......
You know buying this cake proved to be a huge task because of heavy rains....... We had to wait inside our car for more than an hour for rains to stop........And when it did, another surprise was waiting for us- our car would not start; apparently car battery gave in after non-stop usage for more than an hour with engine in “off” mode..... Luckily, a ramp close-by came to our rescue; but only after my papa would push our car upto that point.....And, engine came back to life again but only after throwing my papa’s clothes off gear.........he was dripping!

Needless to mention that delayed post is a result of that "car push act"......Papa has fever for past two days now!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Doctor Says...

...that I am looking pale; possibly because of anemia or teething .......My weight too hasn't increased in last 15-20 days. On the contrary it has reduced a bit or is stagnant, to say the least. This would mean that my parents now have few extra creases up on their foreheads..... Besides, there is an added emphasis on all iron diet- mashed apple, broccoli soup, iron supplement, dates etc...Of all, I hate iron supplement as it tastes yuckkkk.... But, then I am helpless before my parent's combined physical strength!

I am hoping that my iron deficiency will go away soon and I will not have to taste that iron supplement anymore afterwards. `


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Extreme Emotions!

When I do something, I do it extreme....Don't believe this? Then, why don't you look at following videos:

1st Video: I had narrated an incident involving me, my mom and Maggi in this post......And now, here is the video showing what happened when I found mom eating Maggi noodles on that day......Can you see those tears and the anger.....

2nd Video: Mom was trying her best to feed me lentil soup; something I don't relish......Smart lady, that she is, tried to use Lemon juice tetrapack as a possible distraction so that she would be able to feed me the soup......But, I outsmarted her and all she could do was to open that juice pack and dump the bowl of soup.......

3rd Video: You will just love it.....watch and then tell me- how was that?




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