Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have No Fear!

........ is my mantra; but not sure for how long? This element of doubt has crept in after seeing the fate of my fellow human beings...... Each one of them was initially engineered to be a fearless creature; until events/happenings/diktats of "later" days/months/years did them in.....allowing fear to creep into their psyche and take them over completely.......Result is there to see- a huge congregation of "fearful" human beings, also suffering from a strange disease called- "analysis-paralysis".

Thanks to Good Lord, I have not caught up with that disease yet, happily living a fearless life....My following videos are great examples of that fearless existence......They were shot yesterday night. In the first video, you will see me climb all the stairs. While I do that, my papa is scared....very scared! But, I have no fear!

Following video shot within 15 minutes of shooting staircase video is another great example of "Have no fear" attitude with which we arrive on this earth.........

You might be smiling / laughing? But, don't these videos make you wonder about life- how it would have been had this "have no fear" attitude stayed with you forever!

Alas! I know my parents will do everything to ensure that I also join your club; a club comprising of "fearful human beings"...... Until that happens, I am enjoying whatever little is left of those "fearless moments".....

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