Monday, August 3, 2009

Accident, Movie & Big Brother

No posts for past two days mean that I will have to pack my past three days in this single post; something that I don’t enjoy as I believe in continuity. It seems my papa is taking advantage of the fact that I am dependent on him for his words........ Whatever be the case, he can’t escape from his responsibility to write for me!

A busy weekend that began on Friday night was preceded by a freak accident involving me and my father. As mentioned in the past, I always see off my father before he leaves for work and Friday morning wasn’t any different. My mom made me sit on the car bonnet so that I could complete my daily ritual of windscreen tapping with my papa seated inside. I have been doing this for over a month now, but then luck had something different in store for me that day. With a smile on my face, I was busy tapping the windscreen; but soon that smile was replaced by a look of crying face........... My papa hurriedly opened the car door to found me crying in pain; my shell-shocked mom was holding my left hand.........It took no time for him to understand the reason; index finger of my left hand had got stuck in between the car body and the door......... He rushed mom inside to get some ice and started sucking my finger followed by some ice-pack treatment. Crying incessantly, I was looking at my parent’s face in hope; a hope that they will be able to reduce my pain ...............On the other hand, my apologetic parents were trying everything they could to make me feel better............ Soon, we managed to found a reason for me to feel better- a bird perched on the tree just outside my home. As my eyes followed my mom’s fingers towards that bird, my painful cries began to subside and would give way to a smile.......... My parents heaved a great sigh of relief; papa checked my finger and found it to be much better than what it was 15 minutes back........... They continued treating it with ice for another 15 minutes and it was back to normal again....... My act of holding papa’s phone with my injured finger helped corroborate what he saw with his naked eye....... He left for work soon afterwards to come back in time for mom’s departure to work for her Friday evening conference call.

An emotionally tiring day, however ended on a lighter note as we (my parents, myself, Sandeep chacha and Golee chachee) went to watch late night show of new Hindi movie Love Aaj Kal. I had planned to write a review of this movie but I can’t as I didn’t see it completely after falling prey to sleep sometime near intermission. Well, everyone felt that movie was good so I will second their opinion.

Saturday began on a leisurely note at around 10 am as we came back home at around 2 am on Friday night/Saturday morning. We stayed home whole day to venture out only towards the evening to DT Mega Mall for buying me food and other baby stuff from “Dezine Kids”. I was the most vocal and boisterous baby in that shop, thanks to Pigeon baby poster again! Did you notice that hairstyle change; my papa did that and my mom didn't like it. What's your take?

Sunday too was spent playing with my mom, papa, Santoshi didi and Rudra bhai. Following video shows that playing with Rudra bhai’s tricycle wasn’t a great idea.........

As the days are passing by, it is becoming quite clear that I and Rudra bhai will give our respective parents many sleepless nights, and our sibling rivalry won't help them either! You know we are rivals and best of friends at the same time........But, more than anything he seems to be developing into a big time protective brother; he doesn't like it when anyone from our neighbourhood picks me up......always starts to cry! Well, for now his habit comes to my rescue whenever he takes an aggressive stance against me on toys; just a comment that "we will give your behan to Ila didi" turns him into a giving brother! In all likelihood, these are signs of me having a "Big Brother" in my Rudra bhai- always watching over me!

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