Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Electrifying Tuesday how my mom described my day to papa upon his return from work. This would not surprise him at all as he had already witnessed one small trailer in the morning prior to leaving for work. He captured the after-effects of my act very well; here is a picture. Have you figured it out? If not, then let me tell you those are telling tale signs of what I did this morning when my mom tried to stop me from getting down from my bed. I was already irritated after my early morning measles vaccination and didn’t like her putting restrictions; so I bit her right hand...... Surprisingly, my mom was happy to see me use my teeth!

From there on, I kept my mom and Santoshi didi busy throughout the day. In fact, Santoshi didi feels that she must have walked at least 3-4 kilometres running after me during the course of 4 hours. At every given opportunity, I would run upto the stairs and start scaling them only to be interrupted by didi. Though, I didn’t count it but my mom says that I must have done it at least 25-30 times. When my mom stopped me, this is what I did........ I didn't stop at that and would surprise my mom after she saw me sitting inside her dressing table cabinet.... I also picked up fight with my Rudra bhai over his bike, look at my eyes in the following picture. Don’t they tell you something about my resolve while fighting with my Rudra bhai?

My mom feels that she has a task cut out for her. Going by today’s events; I feel she is right! Did I tell you that I ended my day with another bite; and this time it was on her feet.

PS: I mentioned about my fights with Rudra bhai over his bike. These two videos capture those moments. In the first video; I am trying to get on to my Rudra bhai’s motorbike...........he can be seen resisting my moves.....

While the second one shows what happened after I was successful in my efforts; he had to settle with his tricycle (seen in the background). Do notice how I disregard his presence when he came rushing for my bike; I knew my mom is negotiating on my behalf. Oh yes! it didn't take me long to set my eyes back on that tricycle. Sibbling rivalry at its best!

Did you notice that my mom had to change my clothes thrice?

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