Monday, August 3, 2009

Three Quarters Of A Year- That's Me

It seems that car-door incident wasn’t enough; else how would you explain the occurrence of another incident involving me this evening. And, this time tea-cup was the culprit or reason so to say.........

My father was checking his official emails when Santoshi didi gave him his evening tea. He told her to put it on the floor next to where he was seated. ...... Unaware of my movements resulting from my interest in his tea cup, he continued working on his laptop........ My painful cries quickly followed the breaking sound of a tea-mug......... Hot tea was lying all over me and on the floor........Papa ran me towards the bathroom for cold water treatment towards the refrigerator for some ice cubes...........I am wondering what would happen if there is no ice in the house! Soon, I stopped crying. Mom called up my doctor who suggested application of some coconut oil after cold water treatment.......... I feel much better now....... Thank God, I escaped another major injury.........

This incident spoilt my papa’s mood as he was planning to celebrate my 9thmonthly birthday in a different way........ And, I had to again settle with same old chocolate cake in the end, which my Rudra bhai helped cut.Well, it’s another matter that I wanted to cut it myself! The above picture proves it beyond doubt.

You know today’s incident has shocked my parents to a large extent; they are debating as to why these incidents are happening at such regular intervals. Well, it is natural for them to ask questions. But, I would request them not to question their ways of raising me. The smile on my face (pic. taken right after today's incident) is an indication of my acceptance and faith in their ability to raise me well. So chill out guys, you only need to be extra vigilant as you have a dynamite personality to look after!

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