Friday, August 21, 2009

My Three New Activities

~ I have learnt both, getting on and off my bed, all in a day’s time. As nothing comes free so wasn't this new learning; I fell down couple of times...... Now, I can tell you from my experience that it is much easier to get on the bed than getting down from it........... May be that is why it scares the hell out of my mom every time she sees me make an effort towards that.........Chill out mom, I know what I am doing...........Hey do you want to know how I do that- “I turn back, transferring all my weight on to my hands I lower my legs till they stop feeling the air in between my feet and floor........Once I do that, I know the process of getting down is over."

~ You have seen me put phone inside my mouth, but not anymore; as I have come to know yesterday that one should use it by placing it near your ear and mouth........My parents couldn’t believe their eyes; and poor papa couldn’t find his camera on time and missed his moment................Papa, you know this phoney action is your fault as I see you mostly on phone!

~ I now imitate Santoshi didi’s actions whenever she recites that famous Hindi rhyme- “machlee jal kee raanee hai” (fish is queen of water) out this space for video soon!

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