Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Road Trip To Dehradun

How would you react upon hearing this song at 3.45am in the morning? Well, mine wasn’t on the expected lines as I woke up with a big smile on my face; second one to get up after my papa............ Then, I did a role reversal on my mom to wake her up; she wanted to sleep for another five minutes but I didn’t relent nor did my papa as he waited for her to get up to put the phone alarm back on the snooze mode..........

“You have 45 minutes to get ready” order was passed; we managed to save 5 minutes as we would hit the road at 4.25am with my papa on wheels. I was seated next to him on my mom’s lap with my Ashu chacha, Shikha chachee, Rudra bhai and Santoshi didi on the rear seats. Soon, everyone was off to sleep barring my papa and FM radio.

As NH24 highway is notorious for frequent traffic jams, my papa took an alternate route which runs along “Gang Nehar “ canal and passes through villages and green fields. We stopped at one dhaba (road-side eatery) for our morning tea. While all majors were enjoying their teas, we minors found our own ways to keep ourselves busy- my eyes were busy watching birds,
while, Rudra bhai was spotted sipping mango juice.......
I also managed to ride a bullock-cart, thanks to a village folk.......
As our destination was our Dehradun home and not the dhaba, we were back on the road in 30 minutes to reach our destination at 10.15am........

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