Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When confronted with familiar situations, I tend to react on expected lines. However, I am beginning to realise that this element of certainty gives an undue edge to my CRUEL MOM vis-a-vis me; as she can always improvise and beat me into doing things that I wouldn't in the first instance! But, before I introduce that element of surprise into my acts, let me compile those incidents/situations and events which elicit expected reactions from me and my CRUEL MOM; here they come:

~ Mom has just picked up the bottle of iron supplement. Knowing what is coming, I move my face other way; tightly closing on my lips, I try my best to dismiss her presence........But, she manages some unkind support in my papa; who, while pointing his finger towards fan is making strange faces...that draws me into laughter..... The woman, who resembles more with a "tigress with eyes set on her prey" than "my mom" gulps the entire spoon into my mouth.....CRUEL MOM is what my eyes screams!

~ Lazy mom is eating Maggi noodles for her lunch while trying her best to hide them from me.......Knowing, what can hit her if I were to see her eat Maggi, she sends me into the other room with Santoshi didi....... "Something is amiss"- is what my head keeps telling me. So, at the first available opportunity, I find my way back into her room.....To my horror, I found my CRUEL MOM enjoying Maggi....... And, I begin to cry with full force, leaving her with no option but put one Maggi string into my mouth....... HOTTTTTTT!.....She knows that she has a task cut out now, and papa isn't going to spare her either for giving me Maggi!

~ I have already scaled up-to the 4th step of stairs; completely unnoticed. Standing on my feet while tightly holding the side-rails, I invite her attention....... And, CRUEL MOM run towards me to bring me down ........ I am left thinking- how foolish, I was to expect accolades from her! She didn't even care once for all the sweat that had gone into my scaling effort.......

You know there is no dearth of such events, but there is severe time problem as papa have to rush to his office; so you will have to wait to read more in the second part of this series....

Did I say that I love my CRUEL MOM?...........No.....Didn't I? Oh my bad! I love you my "NOT" so "CRUEL MOM"............I LOVE YOU! but you better wait for my improvisations!


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