Friday, August 28, 2009

Me & My Busy Papa

Being politically correct is the name of the modern game; hence this post coming right after this one on my mom. You know, I can't afford to antagonise either of my parents, and that explains my need to maintain a fine balance between them......

This post is my attempt to make my papa realise the importance of spending some quality time with me...... I know he is a busy man trying to focus his energies on building a credible future for me and our whole family. But, in that rush of madness; he is fast forgetting my need to spend and cherish precious moments with him......Still, nothing in my mind can lead me into believing that he is unaware of what his daughter demands from him........ Actually, he sees me demand this many times every day; and he never disappoints me........ Here are some instances:

~ My papa is preparing himself to tuck his shirt inside his pants; as soon as he starts, I know that soon will be his time to leave for work...... So, with an expression of love in my eyes, I extend my hands towards my papa. Lifting me up in his arms, he gives a peck on my cheeks followed by a big bear hug..........

~ Seated inside his car, my papa switches on his car ignition. As soon as car starts, my right hand goes up in the air; mom, who is holding me, tells me to say “bye” ..........and I wave back at him........obviously with a broad dimpled smile on my face......

~ Standing at the main door, he presses the door bell. First person to reach out to the main door is someone who is the youngest member of the house...Yes! I am talking about me. You should see me crawl at that time............. Holding the door firmly with my hand, I stand up on my feet and wait for Santoshi didi to open the door.......In enters papa and I demand to be lifted by him......He can’t refuse.......And, whenever he does, I know how to have him make up for his mistake in double quick time.

~ He is having his dinner; standing near his plate, I demand my share...... he hands me a small piece of chapatti and we both get busy with our dinner....

But, papa you must understand that this list is very small.....I don't like this situation; I want to expand on this list. I hope you know that only you can help me expand it........You need to spare more time for me from you busy schedule.......... And, I am not pleading before you; rather I am demanding something that is my right......... Note that no one can lay his/her claim on my time......... And, you don’t have any choice but to accept it!

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