Monday, September 7, 2009

Strong Girl! often what I hear these days.....and reasons are many; consider this:

* I can lift one Kilogram of sugar/salt/detergent or a Litre of cooking oil with an ease......For records, I have no aspirations to become a weightlifter....

* I don't shy away from picking up a fight with my Rudra bhai over his tricycle. Actually, we both dislike the sight of each other on that tricycle..... so fights over it are all the more common now. Big boy, that he is, always manages to over-power me.....only to find me back with bigger resolve and strength...... Another snatching act followed by an intervention restores the possession back to me, with Rudra bhai happily lending his hand to push the cycle from behind.....story of every day now!

* I can't be tied to a pram or a every day one gets to see a new daring stunt......Remember that I have no fear.

* My papa's poor glasses have to bear the brunt of my raw power every time they come in reach of my hands......they have already gone out of shape...or shall I say are not symmetrical anymore.......

* I can drag heavier stuff- table, chairs, buckets etc etc.....It doesn't matter how big is the thing, all I need is a place to hold and make a firm grip!

Well, I can go compiling this list but then need to save some for next time.....

Before I end this post, let me wish Tanmay on completing one year- He turned one on 5th September; we attended his birthday dinner on sunday night gone by.....I wish mom had clicked some pictures. She says that she forgot; signs of getting old....perhaps!

Never mind, I have a picture from our last visit to Tanmay's home- so here is Tanmay, Tanvi didi and me in July:

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