Friday, September 11, 2009

Price Of One Life......

Tragedy struck one capital school yesterday when five girls died in a stampede on school stairs. Apparently, those girls were trying to avoid molestation at the hands of boys who were writing exams in that school. How cruel!!!

It would definitely sadden me when I will read this news, after I grow up.....One need not be a fore teller to guess my possible reaction- It will be that of anger, hurt, frustration and anguish on the sad turn of events; coming in as it did on a day when I was enjoying the rains .

Government's reaction has been on the expected lines- to order an enquiry, announce an ex-Gratia and wait for next incident in another school or institution......Oh! they hae been kind enough to fix a price of Rs 100,000 ($ 2,000) for one life......... Wonder, if we ordinary citizens should also fix a price on the life of these bast***s (politicians and bureaucrats); as incidents like these are nothing but telling-tale signs of bad governance.....

All I can do now is- to hope that the guilty will be brought to book by the time I am old enough to read this post...... and also to pray for those young departed souls......

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