Friday, September 25, 2009

Shoe Polish & Big Ants

If you have two sub-2 year old super-charged kids sharing same house, you surely have a task cut out for yourself- ask our respective parents! They are always fearful of us; albeit for reasons- valid and invalid. Here are some valid ones:

~ I love big ants.......I like their taste. So I kill them at first sight; only to put them into my mouth......My parents hate to see me do that......So, watchful eyes always track my movements and that of ants too!

~ On the other hand, my Rudra bhai has a fetish for shoe polish. The other day, when we were getting ready to go out for dinner, my chacha found him playing with it...... all his clothes had turned black and so were his hands and face....... Seeing him that way, angered my chacha; so my papa intervened and jokingly told Rudra bhai not to play with shoe polish but eat it...... Today, he did exactly that.... better watch out for words!

I am sure you would want to know how does an ant or shoe polish tastes; but we will not tell you wasted your opportunity to know that.....we don't want to miss ours!

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